Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4423

An Chongqiu and An Kaifeng took the lead and led the An family members out of the box.

Ye Chen listened to the sound of footsteps that were fading away, and while he was relieved, his heart also seemed to be a little disappointed.

He felt that it might not be a bad thing to identify with Grandpa and Grandma’s family.

It would also be a psychological relief for the two old people.

However, when he thought that no clues had been found to his parents’ death, and that the enemy might be far more powerful than he had imagined, Ye Chen was somewhat glad that he had persisted all along.

After all, one could only develop in a low profile when one was in the shadows.

Otherwise, in case he prematurely drew out the behemoth hiding in the darkest to darkest place, he might well invite a great disaster to those around him.

With the four lift doors closed, the entire VIP area, only Ye Chen, and Xiao Churan who was leaning on his shoulder asleep, remained.

So, Ye Chen quietly withdrew the trace of aura left in her brain, and immediately afterwards, he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

It was only then that Xiao Churan woke up.

And the first thought she had when she woke up was to wonder in her mind, “I …… where am I?”

Immediately afterwards, when she saw Gu Qiuyi singing and dancing on the stage through the floor-to-ceiling window, she was struck by lightning and exclaimed, “Ah? The concert has already started? I …… how did I fall asleep at such an important time ……”

After saying that, she couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen beside her and found that Ye Chen was also sleeping with his head tilted back, she hurriedly shook his shoulder and said offhandedly, “Husband …… husband you wake up!”

Ye Chen pretended to open his eyes sleepily, then asked Xiao Churan beside him with a dumbfounded look, “What’s wrong wife …… I was dreaming ……”

Xiao Churan pointed at the stage of the concert and said with a chagrined face, “Look, the concert has already started, why are we both asleep ……”

Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and said, “Oops I went …… really started …… I don’t know how I fell asleep, could it be that we were too tired from playing during the day today?”

Xiao Churan aggrieved bar said, “I do not know …… but I do not seem to feel tired, ah, and the opening video just played, I watched quite into it, do not know how suddenly no impression …… ”

Ye Chen casually said: “Oops, this situation is not very normal? Sometimes sleepy energy comes up, sleep over just a blink of an eye, you were doing something else one second, the next blinked and went straight into dreamland.”

Saying that, Ye Chen said in a serious manner, “You see many drivers who have accidents with fatigue driving, all think they can definitely hold up and won’t fall asleep, so they drive hard, only to fall asleep all of a sudden at a certain moment and don’t know anything, and when they wake up again, the car is already overturned in the ditch.”

Xiao Churan said with red eyes, “But I really wasn’t sleepy at all just now ……”