Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4421

An Chengqi’s vision was unmatched in the entire An family.

When she was building the Anbang Mansion, she spent a lot of money to make the top floor of the building impregnable.

The top floor of the Anbang Building is made of bullet-proof gla*s of the highest standard, and the pa*sageways and lift shafts leading from the top floor to the roof and downstairs all have physical partitions that are as strong as a bank vault, and once all the strong physical partitions are closed, the entire top floor can be considered as solid as gold.

The solid design makes it impossible for any kind of single weapon to enter the top floor from the roof, downstairs or the windows, unless the opponent dares to attack with helicopter gunships in downtown New York.

Moreover, the Anbang Building is located in the middle of Manhattan, the most prosperous area in New York, and even in the whole of the United States. In addition, after the 9/11 attacks, the US police and the national security authorities attach great importance to the security of the skyscrapers in New York, so no one would dare to launch an attack on the Anbang Building in such a place in a dignified manner.

It was even more unlikely that any bandits would be able to fly a weapon of ma*s destruction like a helicopter gunship over Manhattan.

Because of this, An Chengqin had long since decided that if the An family faced a major disaster, it would be safer to hide in the Anbang Mansion than anywhere else.

No matter where a New Yorker is in New York, as long as he looks up into Manhattan, he will be able to see the Anbang Tower.

No one could possibly do anything to the An family in front of such a large number of eyes.

An Chengqi called the Anbang Mansion the last bastion of the An family, and only the old man and the eldest An Chongqiu knew the secrets about this fortress.

Other than that, even An Kaifeng, who spends most of his time working at An Bang Mansion, did not know that there was such a mystery on this floor.

The reason why he didn’t tell An Kaifeng was because the old man thought that An Kaifeng had an aggressive personality and was suitable for breaking new ground in the business field, but once the matter rose to the level of the safety and security of the whole family, his aggressive personality could easily make a wrong judgment because he was not cautious enough.

In the nick of time, a lack of prudent judgement could lead to a catastrophic outcome.

In contrast, the eldest, An Chongqiu, is cautious and seeks stability in all matters, and the old man trusts him more when it comes to decisions concerning the safety of the An family.

This kind of fortress, which would not be activated until the last minute, had secrets that only he and An Chongqiu knew.

Right now, although the An family had managed to escape a disaster, the situation was most urgent at such a time, so the only place the old man could think of was the Anbang Mansion.

An Kaifeng didn’t quite understand his father’s decision, and he said doubtfully, “Dad, in terms of security, I’m afraid that nowhere is better than the manor in Los Angeles, right? There is an underground refuge there, and if something really bad happens, the refuge can protect the family.”

An Chongqiu stepped forward at this time and said, “Kai Feng, Dad is right, now for us, nowhere is as safe as the Anbang Mansion, Sis has left us a way out there.”

An Kaifeng’s eyes widened as he wanted to say something, but then he quickly figured out the reason for it, so he nodded firmly and said seriously, “Good! Then we will go to An Bang Mansion!”

An Chongqiu nodded and didn’t say anything more, but in his heart he couldn’t help but feel very surprised at how the old man had behaved tonight.

Tonight, the old man’s performance did not dare to say that he was absolutely unperturbed by changes, but it was also beyond normal calmness.

His thinking was also very clear and logical, with no sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Just when he thought that the old man’s brain might have improved, he suddenly discovered that he had been hiding a very miniature biros in the fingers of his right hand.

And he, too, had been constantly poking the tip of the pen quietly at the palm of his left hand.

When he took a closer look, he realised that there were quite a few words densely written on the palm of the old man’s left hand, and that every time the old man poked the palm of his hand with force, he would look down quietly at those small words written in the palm of his hand.