Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4415

The sudden death of Ye Chen’s third aunt caught Yuan Zixu, as well as the entire An family, off guard.

Her sixteen-year-old daughter almost collapsed on the spot, hugging her mother’s corpse and shaking it repeatedly, breaking down and crying, “Mom …… what’s wrong with you Mom …… don’t scare me… …”

An Zhaonan was also on the verge of collapse, he was just about to go forward to check, but was grabbed by his second brother An Kaifeng.

An Zhaonan looked back at An Kaifeng with a surprised expression and questioned offhandedly, “Second brother, what are you pulling me for? Something’s happened to Li Qin!”

An Kaifeng yelled with a black face, “Look at how she died! Remember how that bandit leader took poison and killed himself just now?!”

“Suicide ……” An Zhaonan’s expression was horrified beyond belief as he asked offhandedly, “You …… are saying that… …Li Qin committed suicide by taking poison?!”

An Kaifeng pointed at the corpse and asked in a cold voice, “Is there any other possibility than suicide?!”

Yuan Zixu immediately rushed forward at this time, picked up Ye Chen’s third aunt in his arms, and said to the crowd, “Don’t move yet!”

After saying that, he also said to the people he had brought with him, “Keep an eye on them!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he ran out of the box with the body in his arms, towards where Ye Chen was.

When Ye Chen saw him come out carrying a middle-aged woman who showed no signs of life, his brow furrowed.

Chen Duoduo had seen Ye Chen’s third aunt, and although she had never spoken, after all, this was a living person a few minutes ago, and now when Yuan Zixu carried her out, she was already dead, which made her take a few steps back and cover her eyes in fear.

Ye Chen was about to ask a question, Yuan Zixu said with a shameful face: “Mr. Ye, it is my work is not good, just now in the process of searching, all the attention is focused on the hands of each person, afraid that they have any small movements, but did not expect that this woman died of poison …… ”

I don’t even know how she actually took the poison …… I clearly watched everyone’s hands and confirmed that her hands hadn’t moved ah …… ”

Ye Chen said with a serious expression, “Mr. Yuan doesn’t need to blame himself, it’s not your fault.”

With that, he reached out and pinched open the middle-aged woman’s mouth, and sure enough, he found broken dentures in her mouth, as well as an empty space with a missing tooth in the upper left of her dental bed.

He then sent a trace of aura into her body and found that the poison had already spread throughout her body, including her brain, through her blood circulation.

So it seemed that this person could not be saved.

Ye Chen could not help but be appalled in his heart.

From the missing teeth in her mouth, to the shattered dentures, it could be seen that this woman had by no means been temporarily bribed, but had long been a member of the bandits, and had even been trained as a dead soldier by the bandits’ organisation.

Otherwise, how could she have bitten her dentures and died of poison without hesitation when she was about to be exposed?

This situation made Ye Chen shocked and a little worried at the same time.

Even a family as large as the An Family could be infiltrated by bandits, and not to the level of subordinates, but directly to the extent of direct family members, it was extraordinary!

One must know that the An family members who are here today are only the three daughters-in-law of the An family, apart from the An family’s own old, middle and young generations.

In other words, this woman’s identity could be one of his three aunts and uncles, or possibly his own sister-in-law.

However, Ye Chen remembered that he had only met his first and second aunts when he was a child, and had not met his third aunt, while he had not seen his sister-in-law for many years as well, and could not confirm who this woman really was.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen then asked, “Mr. Yuan, have you paid attention to the An family’s reaction and can you deduce who this person is?”

Yuan Zixu thought for a moment and hurriedly said, “There was a man, I think it was her husband, that man called one of the other men second brother, I heard him talk about this woman’s name, it seemed to be Li Qin.”