Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4413

At this moment, the An family, who had survived the robbery, were sitting on the sofa without saying a word, and several of the young grandchildren were in a very depressed state at this moment because they had suffered a considerable amount of excitement.

The adults, on the other hand, were all in a somewhat dishevelled mood.

Just a moment ago, when Fei Kexin’s men were cleaning up the scene outside the door, Ye Chen’s three uncles, had been dissecting what had happened with the old man, during which the group had even had a heated argument.

They wanted to know which link had gone so significantly wrong that it had nearly brought the entire An family to its knees.

At first, An Kaifeng suspected that Ye Chen’s sister-in-law, who was also An Youyou’s husband, was the most suspicious.

This was because, tonight, everyone was there, but he was the only one who didn’t show up for something.

After all, it was a matter of life and death for the whole family, so An Kaifeng did not avoid An Youyou when discussing the matter.

An Zhaonan has a similar personality to his second brother An Kaifeng, and they usually work together a lot, so he also very decisively expressed his support for his second brother An Kaifeng’s speculation, and felt that his brother-in-law was the most suspicious.

However, An Youyou had a different opinion, as she felt that it was unlikely that her husband had done this.

The reason is that her and her husband’s only daughter is also here today, and her husband usually treats his daughter with great affection. As the saying goes, tigers do not eat their children, so if he really wanted to make a move against the An family, then at least he would not have let his daughter follow him.

Moreover, she felt that her husband did not have sufficient motive to commit the crime.

If her husband was after money, he was not himself the first, second or even third in line of succession to the An family’s a*sets.

Even if all the An family members died, the vast majority of the An family a*sets would be inherited by the surviving grandchildren.

And as his own husband, he was merely the legal heir to his own share of the inheritance and would only inherit his own small portion of the An family’s interest, so if he did so, he would be doing more of a job for others.

Unless after he killed the An family present today, he then killed the rest of the An grandchildren as well.

However, if he really did that, the US police, as well as the FBI, would never sit idly by and do nothing. After all, with the entire immediate family dead and only one son-in-law left to inherit the family fortune, any fool would know that there must be something wrong here.

Therefore, the husband could not have done such a stupid thing either.

An Chongqiu, as well as the old lady, did not think that An Youyou’s husband would do such a thing either.

They were more suspicious that the matter might have been kept secret by Gu Qiuyi’s side, and that they had leaked the news and attracted enemies.

Since everyone had their own opinions and they could only stay in this box and could not leave, so Elder An stopped the speculation and discussion and asked them not to argue about this matter until the exact result of the investigation was known.

So, everyone fell into silence.

At this time, Yuan Zixu, with a few of his inner circle, knocked on the door of the box and then pushed the door in.

Seeing Yuan Zixu enter, the An family all immediately looked at him.

Originally, they thought it was their saviour who had arrived, but the Yuan Zixu in the light did not match the figure of the one who had just saved their lives.

At this time, Yuan Zixu looked around the week and took the initiative to ask, “Gentlemen, in view of the seriousness of tonight’s matter, so please continue to wait here patiently and leave here after the show, if you have any needs now you can tell me and I will try to help you out.”

Senior An Qishan spoke up at this time, “This gentleman, I wonder if I could make a phone call, I want to make sure that a few grandchildren who didn’t make it are safe.”

Yuan Zixu said seriously, “Sorry old man, we can’t let you contact the outside world just yet.”

After that, he focused on the crowd and spoke, “In order to ensure everyone’s safety, now please hand over all your personal belongings and we will conduct a full security check to check out the safety hazards here.”

An Chongqiu asked, “What all do I need to hand over?”