Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4391

At this moment, Ye Chen’s attention was almost entirely on his grandparents who were a wall away from him.

He heard Chen Duo Duo say to his grandmother in a respectful tone, “Grandma An you mustn’t be so polite, you are Qiu Yi’s grandmother, we don’t know how honoured you and Grandpa An are to come to Qiu Yi’s concert!”

The old lady smiled and said, “Nui Nui is now one of the most well-known Chinese stars in the world, it is us who are honoured to come to her concert.”

The old man at the side couldn’t help but sigh, “To be able to bring a concert to America and have such a strong appeal, Miss Gu is indeed considered a light of the Chinese.”

The old lady said, “What Miss Gu, that’s your future grandson-in-law, don’t call her that, her maiden name is Nui Nui.”

The old man said with a smile, “Yes, yes, the wife is right to criticise.”

Chen Duoduo couldn’t help but sigh, “You two have such a good relationship, unlike my grandparents, who fight every day and don’t let anyone get away.”

The old man laughed, “Then that’s your grandfather’s problem, a man, if he wants to live an easy life as he wishes, he must give in to his wife in the mouth.”

“Yes!” Chen Duoduo laughed, “When we get back, I’ll tell him your tricks so he can learn them properly!”

As he joked, Chen Duoduo took the An family into the box, and after introducing the general situation of the box to them, he said to the crowd, “The show doesn’t start for another forty minutes, so you can take a break, now the audience is about to start entering, I’ll go over and see if there’s anything I can help with, if the hospital needs anything, just press the call bell to call the service staff Or give me a call.”

Ye Chen’s grandmother said with a smile, “It’s hard for you Xiao Chen, you can go ahead and get busy if you have other things to do, don’t mind us.”

Saying that, the old lady remembered something and hastily asked again, “By the way Xiao Chen, is it convenient for Nui Nui to have time after the show? If it’s convenient, we’ll wait to meet her, if she’s not convenient, then we won’t bother much.”

Chen Duo Duo was busy saying, “Convenient, Qiu Yi has instructed me to tell you all to wait for her in the box for a while after the show if you’re not in a hurry to leave, she’ll come over after she’s finished with her business.”

“Good!” The old lady said with a smile, “Then we’ll wait for her here after the show.”

All these conversations were heard word for word by Ye Chen.

He knew that Gu Qiuyi had come over to see her grandparents after the performance, partly out of respect, and partly for her own sake.

This was because Gu Qiuyi was worried that she and Xiao Churan would meet up with Grandma’s family when they left after the show, so she had deliberately made this arrangement.

After the performance, the grandmother’s family would naturally wait for Gu Qiuyi in the box, while she could take advantage of this time to take Xiao Churan and leave directly.

In this way, although the two parties were only separated by a wall, they would not have any chance to face each other.

Moreover, as each compartment had been given a very strict acoustic treatment in order to achieve the best acoustics, the two compartments were doubly soundproofed from each other, and under such circumstances, even if Ye Chen and Xiao Churan spoke loudly in the room, it was impossible for the next door to hear them.

Even if a martial arts expert of the Ming Realm Great Perfection realm like Wan Bajun came over, it would be impossible for him to hear the conversation next door.

Unless one was like Ye Chen, who had an aura to protect his body, only then could he use his pervasive aura to sense every move next door.

After Chen Duoduo left, Ye Chen could sense that there were fourteen people in the box next door, and outside the box door, there were four people standing.

However, aura was not omnipotent, and although Ye Chen could sense the number of people, he could not rely on his aura to identify each person on the other side.

However, he did manage to perceive that the four people outside the door were all martial arts experts, one of them, the strongest, had reached the level of an eight-star martial artist, comparable to the strength of Wan Bajun when he had killed up Ye Lingshan at that time, of the other three, the weakest one had the level of a six-star martial artist, and the other two, both seven-star martial artists.

It seemed that the An family’s strength was indeed extraordinary, and this configuration of bodyguards was the strongest Ye Chen had seen so far, bar none.

At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly received a message from Chen Duo Duo, the message was just five words: Li Yalin was also here.

Ye Chen was slightly stunned, he did not expect that Li Yalin would also be here.