Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4382

The old lady said angrily, “Good! You can do it! You won’t change! When Chen’er comes back and the family mentions Chengqi and Chang Ying, if you dare to say this to Chen’er’s face, Chen’er will definitely break off relations with you and never see each other again! If you force my grandson away, who I’ve managed to get back, I’ll cut you off too! Wait and see if you don’t believe me!”

The old man was still furious just now, but when he heard these words, he was like a deflated ball.

He knew that naturally, it was unlikely that the old lady would break off her relationship with him, but if his grandson Ye Chen really came back and he still had this attitude, then his grandson would definitely not forgive himself.

After all, no one would accept other people humiliating their deceased parents.

Thinking of this, the old man sighed deeply and spoke in a disheveled manner, “You’re right …… I’ll change …… I’ll definitely change …… ”

After saying that, he also lamented somewhat downcastly, “I don’t know if I will be able to see Chen’er again before I die ……”

When the old lady saw his attitude change, her tone also loosened up and she spoke comfortingly, “Don’t worry, I believe it won’t take long for Chen’er to come back.”

The old man was busy asking, “Why are you so sure?”

The old lady said seriously, “Nui Nui has come, and Chen’er can’t be far behind. For the sake of Nui Nui’s infatuation, God will definitely let Chen’er come back too.”

“God ……” the old man could not help but mutter a sentence when he heard this, half believing and half doubting in his heart.

At this time, An Chongqiu, who was on the side, spoke up, “Dad, you were able to have a scare this time, all thanks to Chen’er’s fiancee, I think this is the will of God, if God is so fond of you, he will definitely let you see Chen’er alive.”

When the old man heard this, he nodded thoughtfully.

At that moment, a staff member came quickly and said respectfully, “Master and Madam, Inspector Li from the NYPD is downstairs and says he wants to come up for a visit.”

His Lordship said in surprise, “Arin? Quickly, get this boy up here!”

The old lady stepped aside and reminded, “Yarin isn’t a few years removed from Chong Qiu, and he’s over fifty this year.”

“Oh ……” the old man suddenly snapped back to his senses, he thought it was twenty years ago when he remembered Li Yalin just now.

Soon, Li Yalin took the lift to the top floor of the Anbang Building, accompanied by the staff.

As soon as he saw the old man, he hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully, “Uncle An, are you feeling well? Originally I wanted to go to Los Angeles with Chong Qiu to see you, but things were just a bit too much the other day and I didn’t go away, so please forgive me!”

The old man looked at Li Yalin and asked in surprise, “You are Yalin?”

Li Yalin was stunned, looked at the others and then at the old man, and nodded hastily, “It’s me, Uncle An, I’m Yalin, Li Yalin.”

The old man couldn’t help but say, “You …… how come you’re now like your father who was almost gone for two years, your aunt told me you were over fifty this year, I think you must be over sixty at least, what’s going on? How did you create this for yourself”

Li Yalin said awkwardly, “Why …… have been busy working all these years, transitional work, and do not pay attention to maintenance, but not older than the average person of the same age ……”

Said, Li Yalin added: “Oh yes Uncle Li, you do not look at me only fifty years old, already early retirement.”

The old man was even more puzzled and asked with a frown, “How come you retired so early?”

Li Yalin laughed bitterly, “I had planned to retire next year, these years too neglect my wife and children, they are angry with me, two years ago they moved to Houston, if I do not retire early to go over to keep them company, I am afraid that in the future will have to cut off relations with me.”

The old man couldn’t help but ask, “Planning to retire next year, how come you’re retiring early now?”

Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders awkwardly, “Uncle An, this matter is just a child without a mother, it’s a long story ……”