Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4381

The old man’s sudden outburst caused a group of people to look at each other in disbelief.

Everyone knew that this was a hurdle that the old man had never been able to get past in his heart.

He had never understood why, with the An family’s strength and sincerity back then, Ye Chang Ying had insisted on returning to Yanjing.

But the others knew in their hearts that the old man’s thoughts were too egotistical.

He always had that superior thinking at work when dealing with Ye Chang Ying.

It was like a big boss who wanted to poach someone, the other party could only earn a million by going to another company, but he was willing to offer 10 million or even tens of millions.

All in all, in his opinion, the other party had no reason to reject him.

But how could he have imagined that Ye Chang Ying would just not be willing to accept his olive branch?

This kept the old man frustrated and even a little annoyed in his heart.

Originally, he had admired Ye Chang Ying, even though his family was far less powerful than the An family, he could see that Ye Chang Ying was definitely a person, even more outstanding than his own three sons.

It was also because deep down he recognised Ye Chang Ying that he was so determined to have him join the An family.

He knew very well that among his sons and daughters, his eldest daughter, An Chengqing, was the most outstanding, and that Ye Chang Ying was not only equal to his daughter, but also highly complementary.

If they were to stay with the An family, the An family would be able to rise to the top of the world, perhaps surpa*sing the Saoudi royal family and the Rothschilds.

However, Ye Changzhi did not.

He had a proud heart and his own ambitions.

He didn’t want to stay with the An family, but wanted to return to his own country, his own family, whether for his family or for the whole family.

One insisted on staying and the other insisted on leaving, and this drove the old man An very mad for a while.

What was even more unacceptable to him was that his daughter was determined to go with Ye Changyang, which made him even more furious.

He had originally wanted to keep Ye Chang Ying and An Chengqing together, but instead things were going to go to hell and back.

It was for this reason that the old man had never been kind to Ye Chang Ying and their relationship was like that of enemies.

After An Chengqing and Ye Changye got married in Yanjing, the old man became furious whenever he heard the word Ye Changye, and this has remained the case until now.

Seeing that the old man was fighting with himself again, the old lady at the side hurriedly said, “Come on, Qishan, Chang Ying has been gone for so many years, so you should not say such words again.”

The old man’s eyebrows knitted in anger and he asked, “He’s the one who didn’t know any better! In the end, he caused Chengqi to be implicated! My daughter has been killed by him, and I can’t even scold him!”

The old lady said with relief, “Chengqi chose his own path, and it was his own decision to live and die, not anyone else’s.”

The old man said indignantly, “You’re completely deceiving yourself and others with that b*****d logic! Although Chengqi chose her own path, as her husband, Ye Changye should have protected her! He should always think of her and think about her! How can he not be responsible for what happened to Chengqi as a husband?”

The old lady said anxiously with red eyes, “But Chang Ying is no longer here either! How do you know he didn’t protect Chengqi at the time? It’s just that things were beyond his ability, he even put his life on the line, what else can you ask him to do?”

The old man said emotionally, “Couldn’t I have hated him when he died?”

After saying this, the old man looked around at his sons and daughters and questioned, “Do you think that even if Ye Chang Ying dies, can I still hate him?”

The sons and daughters looked at each other at this point, not knowing how to answer.

The old lady sighed helplessly and solemnly reminded, “Qishan, I have to make it clear to you, whether you hate Chang Ying in your heart or not, I can’t care, but the attitude you show towards Chang Ying must be changed in the future!”

The old man’s stubbornness came to the fore and he said sternly, “I won’t change! When I die, even if the King of Hell calls on the Jade Emperor and the Buddha to hold a trial, I will never change my attitude towards Ye Chang Ying!”