Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4380

Although the An family started out in Los Angeles, they really rose to prominence from two other places, one of which was Silicon Valley and the other was New York.

Back then, An Chengqi invested in a large number of companies with great potential at very low prices in Silicon Valley, and in order to better help these investments to do deeper capital operations, the An family went to the financial centre of the United States, New York, where the core of the entire An family was established.

The An family has many group companies and countless investments, but the real core of the An family is the Anbang Group.

After the establishment of the Anbang Group, An Chengqi merged the fund that invested in Silicon Valley into the Anbang Group, making the Anbang Group the largest internet venture capital company in the United States at once, as well as the most important core enterprise of the entire An family.

Ye Chen’s grandfather, An Qishan, had been working at Anbang Mansion before he retired. Later, he handed over the management of the family business to Ye Chen’s second uncle, An Kaifeng, so this became the office of An Kaifeng.

On weekdays, the only person who accompanied the old couple in Los Angeles was Ye Chen’s eldest uncle An Chongqiu, while second uncle An Kaifeng, third uncle An Zhaonan and sister-in-law An Youyou were all working in New York.

When the old man’s health deteriorated some time ago, the others temporarily put aside their work and returned to Los Angeles to be by his side.

The old man had suffered from Alzheimer’s since he left office, so he had hardly been here over the years, and when he suddenly returned here, he was still a bit dazed. …”

An Chongqiu knew that the old man’s memory had regressed to twenty years ago, and the Manhattan of twenty years ago was naturally very different from now.

So, he walked up to him and spoke, “Dad, Manhattan has changed a lot over the years.”

The old man nodded, pointed to a building even higher in the distance and asked him, “Chongqiu, what is that building, why is it so tall? I’ve never seen it before.”

An Chongqiu was busy saying, “Dad, that’s the World Trade Centre, it was built and put into use a few years ago, and is now the tallest building in New York.”

“Wow ……” the old man nodded slightly and said thoughtfully, “How come I don’t remember anything about it …… ”

An Chongqiu then said, “Dad, you haven’t been to New York much in the past few years, so you probably haven’t seen much of this building.”

The old man let out a bitter smile, “My brain is not working well anymore, even if I have seen it, I can’t recall it.”

After he finished, he turned his head to An Kaifeng and instructed, “Kaifeng, if you can get Chen’s son back in the future, this building should be given to him, after all, it was his mother’s hard work.”

Without thinking, An Kaifeng said, “Yes dad, I’ll write it down, and when I find Chen’er in the future, I’ll give him the title to this building.”

The old man nodded, his mouth softly chanting, “I wonder if Chen’er looks like his father or his mother now, I remember that when Chen’er was a child he looked more like Chengqi?”

The old lady was busy saying, “Actually, he still looks more like Chang Ying, he didn’t grow up as a child, his parents’ shadows are both there, but I feel that he looks more like Chang Ying’s divinity, and when he grows up, he will definitely look more like Chang Ying too, he will definitely be a handsome and handsome young man like his father.”

The old man paused slightly and lamented, “Aiya …… Ye Changyao ah Ye Changyao …… this Ye Changyao, everything is good, but he doesn’t know how to lift himself up!”

The old man suddenly became a bit emotional and said, “You say, if he had listened to me and joined the An family in the first place, with my An Qishan’s character, with my An Qishan’s doting on his daughter! Would I have let him suffer in the An family?”