Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4378

In order to avoid having any direct contact with his grandmother’s family, Ye Chen himself did not want to come to this concert.

But on the one hand, he didn’t want to upset his wife, and on the other hand, there was a VIP box, so he didn’t take it too much to heart.

Now when he heard that the old lady had brought the old man with her, he spoke up and said, “The visitor is a guest, Miss Gu might as well give a good reception.”

Gu Qiuyi said, “Master Ye, I do think so too, but now there is another situation, the two old people are old and have a special status, if I really let them watch my performance in the audience, I am afraid it is not quite appropriate, my idea is to arrange for them to go to the VIP box too, so that the two old people can also relax a bit. ”

After a pause, Gu Qiuyi added: “When the time comes, I will ask Duoduo to arrange a good time, let her arrange for you and Mrs. Ye to enter the venue first, and then arrange for them to go in, anyway, there is everything inside the box, you and Mrs. Ye will not come out between performances, after the performance, I will ask Duoduo to take them away first, you two sides should not have the chance to meet, what do you think of this arrangement? What do you think?”

After a moment of slight consideration, Ye Chen agreed readily and said, “This arrangement is quite reasonable, as long as we can ensure that the two sides are not coming in and out at the same time, there should be no effect in terms of feng shui.”

Gu Qiuyi naturally understood Ye Chen’s words, so she said, “In that case, I’ll send a clear message back to the old lady, and I’ll ask Duo Duo to arrange for them to be separated from you in a box later on, so that it’s a bit more secure.”

“No need.” Ye Chen spoke, “Just let the two sides be next to each other, it doesn’t matter.”

For Ye Chen, he also had some personal feelings.

For so many years, he had not seen his grandparents again, but he still had a deeper bond with her in his heart.

After his parents’ accident, he had blamed his grandfather and his grandfather in his heart, but he had never blamed his grandmother, because he knew that she had been very good to his family of three, and although he had not seen her much when he was a child, he still remembered very clearly how much she had loved him.

Therefore, Ye Chen also wanted very much to take this opportunity to be closer to his grandmother.

Gu Qiuyi guessed what Ye Chen had in mind, so she said, “Then I’ll let Duo Duo arrange them next door to you.”


After hanging up the phone, Xiao Churan, who was curious at the side, asked, “Honey, was it Miss Gu who called?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded, not hiding anything.

Xiao Churan was surprised and asked, “Miss Gu is going to start her performance in another afternoon, she should be very busy at this time, why is she calling you at this time?”

Ye Chen then said, “Miss Gu has invited some guests with special status today and wanted me to see if it would affect the feng shui, I gave her an idea to minimise the impact.”

Xiao Churan was surprised and asked, “A guest would still affect feng shui?”

Ye Chen laughed casually, “That’s natural! In terms of feng shui, every blade of gra*s and tree can affect feng shui, let alone people. Strictly speaking, whether a person steps on his left foot or his right foot first when he leaves home in the morning will affect his fortune for the whole day.”

Xiao Churan was amazed and asked, “Is it really that mysterious? Which foot you step on first has an effect?”

“Of course.” Ye Chen laughed, “If you step on your left foot first, you may go out smoothly and have a safe day, but if you step on your right foot first, all your smooth steps for the whole day will be disrupted, and you may fall down the stairs and go to the hospital because you have changed your right foot, or you may go out with your right foot, and then after you go out, your left foot accidentally stepped in dog sh*t;”

“And all these things, if he steps on his left foot first when he goes out, he can just naturally avoid them, this is the butterfly effect in feng shui.”