Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4373

Li Yalin was already manipulated by a gambler’s mentality at this time and vowed to take this opportunity to take a chance.

Therefore, at this moment, when he heard that the chief wanted him to withdraw his men, he immediately retorted angrily, “If we withdraw the men now, we will have completely lost all our efforts!”

The chief asked in return, “Haven’t you already searched thoroughly? How much longer do you want to search? Even if I gave you a month’s time to tear down the Fei Group’s headquarters building bit by bit, you still wouldn’t be able to find the people!”

Li Yalin blurted out, “Director, have the special operations team search again, I think it’s impossible for her to escape, maybe she’s hiding somewhere in Fei’s group!”

The commissioner said angrily, “Li, I know you must be unconvinced when you come across such a case before you retire, but let me tell you, this matter has now sparked huge discontent in front of the media and the public, the internet is now cursing the NYPD and the mayor has received countless calls blaming us!”

Li Yalin said, “That’s why we have to catch Su Ruoli and find a way to force the cause and effect of the Wan Long Temple’s involvement in this matter out of her mouth!”

The chief scolded, “You’re out of your mind, aren’t you? It doesn’t matter if those people were killed by the Dragon Temple or not, I just want to tell you one thing, right now the whole of America and even the whole world is applauding the death of these people, and they all regard the murderer behind the scene as a hero, even the mayor has asked us to stop the investigation, do you still want to disobey the mayor’s order?”

Li Yalin was speechless at the question.

After a moment of silence, he opened his mouth and asked, “Chief, it’s fine to close the team now, but what about after that? Will this matter never be investigated?”

The chief waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to worry about this matter, you will retire in less than a year, hand over your work tomorrow, and rest and recuperate at home during the period before you retire, when you retire, I will throw you a grand send-off ceremony, so that you can retire with honour.”

When Li Yalin heard this, he became anxious and said angrily, “Do you want me to get out now?!”

The director said word for word, “No, I just want you to take a break and leave the rest of the work to someone else.”

Saying that, the chief patiently advised, “Li, you have dedicated so many years to the police department, think of it as leaving some more opportunities for the young people before you retire, as for yourself, go and take a good rest.”

“No way!” Li Yalin said in a cold voice, “There is no way I can retire early until this case is solved! There’s no way I’m going to allow my years of police service to end up with such a disgraceful case to retire with!”

After saying that, Li Yalin threatened, “Chief, if you want to take this case out of my hands, then I will go to the mayor and file a complaint against you!”

“Complain about me?” The chief gave a bitter laugh, and then said helplessly, “Li, let me tell you plainly, in next year’s mayoral election, the current mayor still has to fight for re-election, and this case has already brought about a great negative impact on his re-election, if we cause public anger now, then the hope of re-election will be completely ruined! So, it’s not me who wants you to retire early, it’s the mayor who wants you to retire early!”

When these words came out, Li Yalin was dumbfounded.

He really didn’t expect that the mayor, who had repeatedly praised him in public, wanted him to retire early.

Seeing that he could not speak, the director continued to add: “Li, there are only two options before you now, the first is for you to take the initiative to apply for early retirement. A stain like that won’t affect you too much. Besides, as the Commissioner of the New York Police, this case will also leave a stain on my resume that cannot be erased, and I can face it openly, so what do you have to hesitate?”

At this point, the Commissioner cleared his throat and added, “Ahem …… Lee, if you don’t want to, then the NYPD will have to publicly announce your suspension, and as for the reason for your suspension, it is also in light of the fact that you have unshirkable responsibility in several aspects of this series of cases, including but not limited to the failure to discover the criminal facts of Fei Hao Yang and the others for so long, as well as the failure to catch the murderer in the case of Fei Hao Yang’s kidnapping until Fei Hao Yang was torn apart!”