Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4367

Hearing that Ye Chen was leaving, Chen Zhao Zhong had an extraordinarily complicated expression.

Although he had only just met Ye Chen, he had developed a very affectionate feeling towards him because Ye Chen’s father had been kind to him, and because Ye Chen’s persona was also greatly appreciated by him.

Especially when he saw that he was now powerful and had achieved great results, he felt sincerely pleased for Ye Chang Ying.

At a certain moment, he also thought of serving Ye Chen to repay Ye Changye’s kindness.

However, on second thought, he felt that he was just an illegal immigrant who had been buying roast goose in Chinatown for more than 10 years, while Ye Chen had already become a top tycoon worth hundreds of billions of dollars, so the difference between him and Ye Chen was really huge.

After all, with such a huge difference in strength, even if one has a pa*sion to repay the favour, in the eyes of outsiders, it would just be a way to climb up the ladder under the guise of repaying the favour.

What’s more, Ye Chen might not really need his help, and perhaps if he opened his mouth, he would just be adding to his troubles.

So, after thinking about it, Chen Zhaozhong gave up on the idea of offering himself.

What he didn’t know was that although Ye Chen was eager for wise men, he didn’t want to burden him with a heavy past to serve himself.

Therefore, his intention was to first help Chen Zhao Zhong to achieve nirvana and rebirth.

Moreover, with Ye Chen’s character, he did not like to hang on to things before they were done, so he did not reveal half a word to Chen Zhaozhong.

As he parted, Chen Zhao Zhong’s eyes were red and he said to Ye Chen, “Young Master Ye, please take care of yourself!”

Ye Chen also said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Uncle Zhong, I will.”

Saying that, Ye Chen took out a blood dispersing and heart saving pill from his pocket and placed it in Chen Zhao Zhong’s hand, saying earnestly, “Uncle Zhong, this pill can cure a hundred diseases and help a thousand wounds, so you should keep it with you for emergencies.”

Chen Zhaozhong hurriedly wanted to stuff the pill back into Ye Chen’s hand and said with trepidation, “Young Master Ye, how can I …… How can I accept this great gift …… Please take it back!”

Ye Chen shook his head, pushed him away with a little force and said seriously, “Uncle Zhong, if my father were alive, he would consider you as his brother and I believe that you would also consider me as your own son, so it is only natural for me, as a junior, to pay respect to you.”

After saying this, Ye Chen took two steps back, gave him a slight arch of his hand and said, “See you later” before turning to leave.

By the time Chen Zhaozhong came out after him, Ye Chen had already gone far away.

At that moment, Ye Chen was walking as fast as he could and did not look back. Looking at the medicine box in his hand, Chen Zhao Zhong only felt a lump in his throat, and without realising it, he was already in tears.

After saying goodbye to Chen Zhaozhong, Ye Chen took a car to Long Beach.

Su Ruoli had already evacuated in time, but Wan Breaking Army and the other members of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall were still here.

So, Ye Chen went straight to the villa that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had rented.

After Wan Bajun had been ordered in the early hours of the morning to take care of all the scum in New York who were involved with Fei Hao Yang, he was here waiting for Ye Chen’s next instructions.

Upon Ye Chen’s arrival, he personally ran out of the villa to greet him and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, the tasks you gave me have all been successfully completed.”

Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Broken Jun, you have done a good job this time, not only have you killed all the scum you should have killed, you have also done a very good job, it is almost time for you and the other brothers to withdraw, the ten billion dollars that the Fei family gave to the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple has already arrived, after you return, you should build up the base of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple properly.”

Wan Bajun said gratefully, “Don’t worry Mr. Ye, my subordinates will do their best and not let you down!”