Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4364

Ye Chen nodded gently and sighed, “So that’s how it is, for someone like me who doesn’t understand the situation, I can’t see anything unusual here at all.”

Ye Chen was very impressed with Chen Zhao Zhong’s keenness in details and could not help but praise him, “I reckon they must have thought they had performed very well, they just did not expect to be able to hide from your discerning eyes.”

Chen Zhaozhong waved his hand and said modestly, “Young Master Ye has praised me, how can I be considered to have a discerning eye?

Chen Zhao Zhong said, smiling slightly, and added, “It is not an exaggeration to say that after staying in a place for a long time, even if the sound of the dog barking next door has changed a bit more than usual, you can hear it.”

When Chen Zhao Zhong said this, he asked Ye Chen with concern, “Young Master Ye, why are the police focusing on you? Is it because they have some clues from the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple didn’t leave any clues, rather it was me who had a matter that I had not thought through and let a girl with a more sensitive identity send the Fei family’s grandchildren to New York, I really didn’t think about it in such detail at that time, I just naturally let that girl bring people over, but neglected that she would leave clues after she entered the country.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Li Yalin had already led people to cordon off the Fei Group’s headquarters, fortunately I received the news in advance and let that girl leave first, otherwise if she was really found by the New York police, things would really be a bit tricky.”

Chen Zhao Zhong hurriedly asked, “Young Master Ye, what exactly is the situation, can you tell me in detail?”

Ye Chen had nothing to hide from Chen Zhaozhong, so he told Chen Zhaozhong the whole story of how he had asked Su Ruoli to escort the two grandchildren of the Fei family to Syria and then asked her to send them to New York on short notice.

After hearing this, Chen Zhaozhong nodded slightly and said, “It’s true that there was a slight lack of consideration in this matter, but it’s understandable, you have handled the whole matter very well, and it’s only natural that one or two small details were not considered.”

Speaking of this, Chen Zhao Zhong sighed, “Li Yalin is a bit ill-considered this time! Blocking Fei’s group with such fanfare, if he can’t find anyone, his good days will come to an end.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded, “I also didn’t expect that he would act so impulsively.”

“It’s also understandable.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “He used to be too smooth, he solved almost all of his own cases, and when other people asked him for help with cases they couldn’t solve, he also succeeded in solving them one after another, and his fame was immense, now that he was about to retire, something big happened in New York, and what was affected, was his reputation and image that he had worked so hard for half of his life, at such a time, his mentality would definitely be greatly affected. ”

It is like a professor in the field of mathematics, who has never been able to overcome any difficult problems in his life, and could have retired with a winning record, but at this time there are a dozen of puzzles that he cannot solve, and everyone is at the bottom of the podium to see how he solves them, under such circumstances, it is certainly difficult for him to control his mind. ”

“That’s also true.” Ye Chen nodded in agreement and said, “This matter is indeed a bit unfair to him as well.”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly and said, “Time is also fate, not everyone can have smooth sailing, there will always be some setbacks, it’s just a matter of sooner or later.”

After saying that, he asked Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, since you said that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple did not leak any clues about you, then why did the police find me here?”

Ye Chen thought for a moment and spoke, “It should be because of my great uncle ……”