Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4363

“It should be.” Chen Zhao Zhong said seriously, “Look at that woman and those two policemen just now, they put on such a big show, but they actually wanted to get rid of the CCTV footage from my shop, so they went to such great lengths, they must have had another plan.”

Ye Chen asked with some curiosity, “Uncle Zhong, how did you judge that the woman and the two policemen were acting?”

Chen Zhao Zhong explained, “When the shop first opened this morning, a middle-aged Chinese man came in and ordered a random meal after sitting down, and then kept staring at the three security cameras on the ground floor. So I guessed at the time that he was either a gangster who wanted to rob some cash from me or a plainclothes cop.”

Ye Chen pursued, “What happened after that? He left after dinner?”

“Yes.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “That guy finished his meal very quickly, paid and left in a hurry, and as soon as he left, I hurriedly dismantled the hard disk in the hard disk recorder.”

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “Since we ruled out the other party being a gangster who intended to rob some cash, then it’s probably the police.”

“Right.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “I was afraid that the police had made such a big detour to find the CCTV footage of you and Miss Gu, so I destroyed the hard drive first, but then there was a sudden scene of robbing a mobile phone at the entrance just now, and when these two events were connected, the other party’s motive was clear. That’s why I gave you a wink and told you not to come over yet.”

Ye Chen suddenly understood, and couldn’t help but ask: “Uncle Zhong, to be honest, if you hadn’t given me a wink, I really wouldn’t have seen anything wrong with this matter, how did you tell?”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly: “They this scene, the script is quite well thought out, but the director and actors choreography is still a bit clumsy, to put it bluntly is not keyed to the details, you write the script is not keyed to the details, that careful people look at it will certainly be able to see the flawed place.”

Saying that, Chen Zhao Zhong added: “This is like people saying that there is no real perfect crime in the world, but in my opinion, although it cannot be done absolutely perfectly, it can be done relatively perfectly, as long as the murderer’s heart, is finer than all the police officers, then even if his crime does not reach absolute perfection, it will not be discovered.”

Ye Chen nodded with an educated face, and could not help but ask with great curiosity, “Uncle Zhong, how did you discover that there was something wrong with this woman?”

Chen Zhao Zhong said, “You may not know much about Chinatown, but although there are mixed opinions and a lot of chaos in Chinatown, there are really no Chinese who dare to rob in the street here. So it’s not very logical that this woman was robbed in front of my shop in broad daylight. Combined with the guy who came to the shop this morning, I’m basically sure she’s up to no good.”

“Apart from that, another thing that is not right is that in a place like Chinatown, it is unlikely that a police officer would come within half an hour if a call to the police was made, this time it surprisingly came in less than ten minutes, so it looks like they were prepared for this.”

Ye Chen asked in disbelief, “Chinatown is such a good location, no police came in half an hour after the police call was made?”

“Right.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “In the United States, but all places where ethnic minorities are piled up, the police generally do not bother much, on the one hand, there are many gangs and a high degree of autonomy, the police are generally reluctant to get involved, on the other hand, no one in the district gives sponsorship to the police, so the police force in this area itself is small, naturally the response speed will not be fast. ”

The police in these precincts are not paid by the city government, but by the wealthy people in the rich neighborhoods, and the cars they use for patrol are also donated by the rich people in the rich neighborhoods, and in such places, not only are there people on duty 24 hours a day on duty, but there are also police patrols 24 hours a day, but for places where ethnic minorities gather, the police are usually not seen at all.”