Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4360

As for Su Ruoli herself, she went directly to the dock of New York harbour, where there happened to be a cargo ship of the Isuzu Line ready to return to China, so Ye Chen arranged for Su Ruoli to take the ship to leave the United States first.

The cargo ship would sail directly from New York back to China’s China Sea, so normally it would cross the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean, but as the voyage was too long, Su Ruo Li could take a helicopter directly from the sea to Cuba when the cargo ship was pa*sing Cuba, and then take a plane from Cuba back to China.

He called the New York police commissioner and told him all his suspicions and motives, asking him to come immediately with a search warrant.

The police commissioner was originally a bit angry at his private actions, but when he heard that Su Ruoli was at the Fei Group and might even be involved in the more than ten murders that had taken place in New York, he immediately sent his men to the Fei Group for support.

He shared Li Yalin’s stance, regardless of whether those mysterious people were acting for Heaven or not, he had to bring these people to justice, otherwise it would be a disgrace to the entire New York police system.

Thus, a large number of police officers came from all over New York to support Fei’s group headquarters, including the SWAT special operations unit, the strongest among the NYPD.

In order to prevent Su Ruoli from escaping, the police blocked all the entrances and exits of the Fei Group, and put heavy guards at each of them, including many snipers hiding in the shadows in addition to the loaded SWAT units.

The other police officers checked the identity information of the people inside one by one, and those who were found to be correct were asked to leave the scene immediately. After everyone had been checked, if Su Ruoli was not found, the police officers would carry out a carpet search of the entire headquarters of the Fei Group with life detectors.

In order to prevent accidents, the New York Police also informed the immigration authorities that Su Ruoli would be listed as a subject of restricted exit. Once Su Ruoli appeared at the port of entry and exit, the powerful face recognition system would be able to identify her within a second and send an early warning to the police.

Therefore, Li Yalin believed that Su Ruoli would not be able to fly.

While the New York police were setting up a net at the Fei Group and preparing to search for Su Ruoli’s whereabouts, Ye Chen had already arrived in New York.

Today, Gu Qiuyi will be doing her final rehearsal at the performance venue, and tomorrow night at 8pm, her first concert in the US will officially start in New York.

So Ye Chen didn’t rush to find her, but planned to go to Chen Zhao Zhong’s restaurant to meet Uncle Zhong first, to talk to him about the current situation, and also to find the opportunity to ask him if he was interested in returning to China.

This time, Ye Chen took a very low-key helicopter ride to the vicinity of Chinatown first, and then walked alone to Chinatown.

Having the experience of meeting his great uncle by chance at Uncle Chung’s restaurant last time, he also deliberately wore a duck-tongue hat and a disposable mask this time.

When Ye Chen arrived near Uncle Zhong’s restaurant, he suddenly noticed that, just outside the restaurant, a young man in his twenties reached out and grabbed a girl’s mobile phone from the roadside, before getting into a black car and taking off.

The girl shouted nervously after her phone was snatched, “Please call 911 for me, someone has snatched my phone!”

Ye Chen frowned slightly, but didn’t think much of it.

He then took a step to go towards Uncle Zhong’s restaurant.

At this time, Uncle Zhong pushed open the door, saw Ye Chen wearing sungla*ses and a mask, and still recognized him by his posture and hair style at once, so he shook his head slightly and gave him another wink, then skipped him and said to the girl who had been robbed of her mobile phone, “Don’t be afraid, girl, come and sit in the shop for a while, I’ll help you call the police!”