Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4359

To Li Yalin, Su Ruoli was the only clue he could find at the moment.

Therefore, he knew very well that if he wanted to solve the case, he had to find Su Ruoli first, and then find a way to dig deeper into other clues related to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple from her body.

Otherwise, once Su Ruoli and the people from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple withdrew from the United States, then this series of lynching execution cases that happened in New York this time would not only have no chance of being solved, but would also become the biggest shame of his own career as a police officer.

As a police officer, he naturally abhorred the abuse of lynchings.

In his view, it was the police’s responsibility to fight crime, not that of other social groups.

Moreover, other social groups do not have any power to enforce the law, and once they lynch, it is an outright crime, even if it is to punish evil and promote good, they should be sanctioned by the law.

Therefore, he was now determined to find Su Ruoli out, and he believed that as long as he did not give Fei Ke Xin any chance to tip him off, Su Ruoli would definitely not leave the place.

Because of this, after he hung up the phone, he said to Fei Ke Xin, “Miss Fei, I now need you to take out your mobile phone and put it on the desktop, and at the same time, you are not allowed to touch any more communication devices in the room.”

Fei Ke Xin was going to promise him straight away that if she pressed the lock screen button twice in a row when she took out her phone, her call with Ye Chen would hang up and automatically lock the screen, and would definitely not be noticed by Li Yalin.

But on second thought, she felt that if she agreed to do it too easily, she would definitely give Li Yalin the impression that she had a plan for this matter.

So, she said in a cold voice, pretending to be nervous, “Inspector Li, I have always treated you with respect, but please don’t go too far! What right do you have to restrict my personal freedom?”

When Li Yalin saw that Fei Ke Xin was a bit weak, he immediately took advantage of the situation and said unceremoniously, “I now suspect that you are in close contact with the criminals, so in order to prevent you from tipping off the criminals, I have the absolute right to restrict your contact with the outside world! If Miss Fei is not convinced, she can always sue me in the Federal Court when this matter is over!”

Fei Kexin insisted, “I’m going to inform my lawyer! It’s my right!”

Li Yalin sneered, “Sorry Miss Fei, you are now closely a*sociated with terrorists and have threatened the homeland security of the United States of America, so you cannot contact your lawyer during extraordinary times!”

After saying that, he warned, “Miss Fei, I repeat, you take your phone out and put it on the table immediately, or else I will do it myself!”

Gritting her teeth, Fei Ke Xin reached for her phone in her pocket in mock indignation, and incidentally, she pressed the lock screen button twice in succession to hang up the phone and lock the phone.

She then took the phone out of her pocket and laid it on the table, looking angrily at Li Yalin as she asked, “Are you satisfied?”

Li Yalin smiled contemptuously and said indifferently, “Miss Fei, I hope you understand what kind of a mistake you are making, if the final evidence points to you having cooperation with the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, then I will definitely send you to jail myself!”

Fei Ke Xin nodded and replied, “Inspector Li, I also hope you can understand that after this incident today, I will definitely protest to the mayor regarding today’s incident and announce it to all the media, and I hope you will not be removed from your position before you retire.”

Li Yalin was slightly stunned, and then said in a cold voice: “Good, Miss Fei, we’ll see about that!”

At this moment, Li Yalin had his mind made up.

No matter what kind of fuss he made at Fei’s group today, as long as he could find Su Ruoli at Fei’s group, then he would be considered to have won.

After all, Su Ruoli’s identity was already sensitive and special, and although she hadn’t broken any laws in the US, it made sense to define her as a terrorist given what she had done in Tokyo before.

So, as long as she was found in Fei’s group, even if the president came, he could not do anything to himself.

But how could he know that Su Ruoli had already left Fei’s group minutes ago?

After she had left Fei’s Group, the hackers of Wan Long Temple directly hacked into Fei’s Group’s security surveillance and tampered with all the CCTV footage of Su Ruoli’s stay in Fei’s Group.