Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4347

After hanging up the phone with his superior, Li Yalin said to his subordinate at the first opportunity, “No more autopsy centre, go to Fei’s Group!”

His subordinate hurriedly asked, “Inspector, what are you going to do at Fay’s Group? Fei’s Group will soon hold a press conference, almost all the media in New York are there, wouldn’t you go at this time …… wouldn’t you ……”

When the handlers said this, they stumbled all of a sudden and stammered for half a day without saying anything further.

Li Yalin coldly asked: “Wouldn’t it be what? You f*cking say it!”

The underling could only pluck up courage and say with a stiff head, “Isn’t it the same as …… throwing oneself into the net?”

Li Yalin gritted his teeth and cursed: “f*ck you! I am a police officer, not a murderer, how can I be considered to have thrown myself into the net?”

His subordinate said anxiously, “But the media are waiting to interview you. ……”

Li Yalin knew that what his men said was not wrong.

With so many major cases happening in New York in one night, and with so many innocent women’s deaths involved, the reporters in all of New York were now most eager to interview the head of the police.

There are also orders from above that no one is allowed to give interviews to the media in private without permission from above.

The reason why the media are so afraid of interviews is that in such cases, the police have long been the target of media and public accusations.

As long as they are allowed to seize the opportunity, no matter who gives the interview, they will definitely be verbally abused by them.

Therefore, the reason why the top did not allow interviews was also because they were afraid that the police officers’ dumbfounded and red-faced appearance when asked by reporters would be filmed by the media and broadcasted to the whole country or even the whole world.

This was also why Li Yalin lied to his superiors and said he was going to the autopsy centre.

If he had said that he wanted to go to Fei’s group and meet that Su Ruoli, I am afraid that his boss would have broken into a tirade.

However, at the moment, there was nothing else Li Yalin could do.

The only clue he could get hold of was that Su Ruoli had come to New York with Fei Kexin, so if he wanted to know whether or not it was the Dragon Palace that was behind this matter, Su Ruoli was the only way to break through.

So, he said to his subordinate with an iron heart: “From now on, don’t say anything, don’t ask anything, just do whatever I tell you to do and do as you’re told, if the top blames me, I’ll take the blame for everything.”

When his men heard this, they knew that Li Yalin had already made up his mind, so they had the sense not to say more, then they immediately picked up the intercom and said to the cars following behind them, “We’re not going to the autopsy centre, you guys follow me.”


At this moment.

It was less than five minutes until eight o’clock.

Not only was the release hall of Fei’s group packed, even the aisles were full of people.

Media from all walks of life had set up all kinds of long and short guns, fearing that they would miss every single shot and clip of the launch.

In addition to this, many media outlets also broadcasted the event live, in real time, to the whole world via the dual platforms of cable TV and the internet.

As Fei Hoang’s case has become a worldwide sensation, not only are people in the United States watching the conference, but people in other countries are also watching the conference in different time zones, at different times of the day, and through different online platforms.

In the lounge next door to the launch hall, Fei Kexin, dressed in a black skirt with a white shirt, was ready to go on stage, her expression calm and confident.

The three generations of grandchildren, Fei Jianzhong, Fei Shanhai and Fei Xuebin, all had nervous faces.

They didn’t know what situation was waiting for them in a moment, perhaps as soon as they walked into the release hall, countless people would take off their leather shoes and throw them.