Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4344

An Chongqiu then said, “Just say it.”

Li Yalin said, “Look, since this Miss Gu has the medicine that can save the old man, and she also knows that you were downstairs at that time, then why do you think she didn’t just give you the medicine?”

Saying that, Li Yalin added, “And look, she didn’t go after you immediately after you left, she waited until I left before coming out, which feels like she was deliberately trying to avoid you.”

“This ……” An Chongqiu couldn’t think of a reason, so he said, “You said she didn’t give me the medicine straight away, most likely because she was afraid I wouldn’t believe it, right? If I didn’t believe her medicine, whether I would accept it is one question, and whether I would give it to the old man if I did, is another.”

Li Yalin sighed and said, “Perhaps, but I always feel that in none of these things does the logic flow completely.”

An Chongqiu then said, “Alright, then you shouldn’t be too suspicious, I just received a news push, the press spokesman of the Fei family announced to the public that the Fei family is going to hold a press conference at eight in the morning, and it will be simulcast live on the whole network, so I guess that the newly appointed young lady is going to step in and save the day.”

Li Yalin smiled sarcastically, “To save the day …… this mess, I don’t think anyone else would be able to clean it up.”

An Chongqiu said, “At this time, if you break your arm, you still have a chance, depending on whether this little girl has the courage.”

Li Yalin laughed, “Then I’d like to see how capable this little girl really is! If she can save the day and try to moderate the public anger, she will be doing me a favour, otherwise, I’d be really f*cking worried ……”

Li Yalin lamented, “A dead Fei Hao Yang, a dead Qiao Fei Yun, and dozens of brutalized young girls, so many human cases, really rubbed our NYPD’s face on the concrete ……”

An Chongqiu said, “The good thing is that those young girls are not missing in New York, this you can still exculpate yourselves.”

Saying that, An Chongqiu reminded, “But Old Li, you have to find a way to stabilize the situation first, you can’t let things go any further downhill.”

“Yes.” Li Yalin spoke, “I’ll have a morning meeting with them in a moment, an attitude should be clear, no matter what, no more people can die in New York because of this incident.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, one of his subordinates pushed the door without knocking and said in a panic, “Inspector, something big has happened!”

When Li Yalin heard this, his head buzzed with a sharp pain.

He thought his nerves were already big enough, but he didn’t expect that he would still be tortured into a nervous breakdown by the words ‘something big has happened’.

He didn’t know how many times he had heard these four words, and every time he heard them, his nerves had to be ravaged and stimulated.

So he could only ask stiffly, “What’s the big f*cking deal again?!”

The killer deliberately left them floating less than a metre from the surface of the water. Early in the morning a boat saw a group of things bobbing around in the water and thought they were some kind of large fish, only to find out they were all dead when they got to them. ……”

“Holy sh*t!” Li Yalin stood up with a start and blurted out, “How could so many people die? Have the dead been identified?!”

“It’s confirmed.” The subordinate said incomparably nervously, “The nearest precinct has already sent someone there, and after a preliminary investigation of the scene, it can be determined that the dead are almost all dignitaries in New York as well as the gentry of big families ……”

“Among them are the heir to the Rothschild collateral family, and the eldest son of the Hudson family …… the son-in-law of the Brant family, who is of English noble birth ……”