Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4340

If that was the case, I believe every one of them would be very upset.

And now that the mysterious kidnappers had taken out these two scum of the earth, what could be more pleasing than that?

So, people also stopped calling these mysterious people kidnappers and instead started calling them chivalrous robbers and praising these chivalrous robbers.

In the eyes of the general public, if this mysterious group of chivalrous thieves had not kidnapped Fei Hao Yang and exposed him for these crimes, then instead of getting any sanction, Fei Hao Yang would have continued to brutalise an unknown number of innocent women.

So, not only did these chivalrous thieves put an end to the atrocities, they even sent the criminals to hell, so to speak.

Along with the video, the seven Chinese characters for “good and evil will be rewarded at the end of the day” have also become an Internet sensation.

Many Americans who do not know Chinese were so shocked when they looked up the meaning of these seven characters online that they put them on their social media signatures.

There were even many tattoo enthusiasts who called their tattoo artists early in the morning and couldn’t wait to get these seven characters tattooed on their bodies.

At this time, Li Yalin, who had not slept all night, had just made a cup of coffee to refresh himself.

He had not left his office all night because he was so eager to solve the case.

He was waiting expectantly for the results of his men’s investigation when suddenly there was a knock on the door and a subordinate rushed in in a panic and said out of the blue, “Inspector, something big has happened!”

When Li Yalin, who had not slept all night, heard this, he immediately felt his head spinning, and he hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong again?”

The other party said, “Fei Hao Yang is dead! And that Qiao Feiyun, they’re both dead!”

“What?!” When Li Yalin heard this, he asked in shock, “When did this happen?”

“Just now!” The other party explained, “A video just came out on the internet, in the video, Fei Hao Yang and Qiao Fei Yun have been cremated!”

Li Yalin’s brain was dizzy and he hurriedly said, “Quick, let me take a look!”

His men hurriedly handed over their phones, and on the screen was the video that had just come to light.

When he clicked on it, he saw the two bodies being pushed into the incinerator and immediately cursed in anger, “These people are so desperate! They’ve blocked all avenues of retreat for us!”

To Li Yalin, the fact that he had not caught Fei Hoang when he was kidnapped, that he had not caught him when his ears were cut off, and that he had not caught him when all of Fei Hoang’s evil deeds had come to light, had left him, and the entire NYPD, in disgrace.

The only way to save face is to find the person who kidnapped Fei Hao Yang and bring him back for a public trial.

Only in this way could the NYPD regain its last bit of face.

However, he did not expect that these kidnappers would be so ruthless as to kill both Fei Hao Yang and Qiao Feiyun straight away!

This was tantamount to blocking the NYPD’s last remaining avenue of retreat!

From the beginning to the end, the NYPD had failed to seize the opportunity to regain face, and now that Fei Hao Yang was dead, Li Yalin felt that the only thing he could do was to capture the kidnappers.

Only by catching the kidnappers could he prove that the NYPD was still useful.

However, Li Yalin still had a worry in his mind: if he really found a clue, should he arrest them?

If he didn’t, the police would lose face and justice would be challenged.

But if he did, how could he explain to the public?

After all, these kidnappers have become chivalrous in the eyes of the public. If the police fail to catch the bad guys and end up arresting these chivalrous people instead, the public will definitely scold them to death ……

In this instant, Li Yalin felt like his entire head was aching and he was completely at a loss as to what to do.

The henchman who had been sent out to investigate called at this time and spoke, “Chief, there’s a clue!”