Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4338

Li Yalin was surprised and asked, “Why? This is the only clue that we can catch at the moment, and I feel more and more that my judgment is definitely correct, just because the old man’s illness came too suddenly, that’s why this Gu Qiuyi didn’t have the chance to properly deal with the clues she left behind, otherwise if we really give her enough time and let the person behind the scenes plan and calculate, then we can’t even find this clue! ”

Saying that, Li Yalin asked again, “Don’t you want to find out through what channel that Gu Qiuyi knew about the old man’s critical illness?”

An Chongqiu said, “Old Li, no matter through what channel Miss Gu learned of the old master’s critical illness, I feel that she has absolutely no animosity towards our An family, not only does she have no animosity, he is also a great benefactor to our An family, if she had not come across thousands of kilometres to save the old master’s life, the old master would have pa*sed away by now. ”

When An Chongqiu said this, he gave a slight beating and continued, “Such a great kindness, we haven’t had the chance to properly repay it, but now we want to investigate her, this is unjustifiable from a rational point of view, in case people know about it, they will think that we An family people are ungenerous in our actions.”

Li Yalin hesitated for a moment and said seriously, “Chong Qiu, this matter is not only an investigation for your An family, but also an investigation to solve this case, as I said before, this Gu Qiuyi was able to remain unharmed in Fei Hao Yang’s trap, and even let Fei Hao Yang himself lift a stone to smash his own feet, so it proves that there must be a very strong person sitting beside her. Maybe it was all done by that person!”

After saying that, Li Yalin added: “Whether it’s the matter of Fei Hao Yang or the matter of Master Fei killing back, I haven’t been able to find any clues, right now this opportunity, I can’t let go of anything.”

Then, Li Yalin hastily added, “Chongqiu, don’t worry, my investigation of this Gu Qiuyi has nothing to do with you, it’s entirely my decision as a police officer to solve the case, and you don’t need to have any negative emotions.”

An Chongqiu sighed helplessly and said, “Old Li, you are a police officer, how you investigate the case is your freedom, so I won’t interfere much.”

“Good!” Li Yalin could not hide his excitement and said, “Thank you for your understanding Chongqiu, let’s not talk to you first, I must solve this case!”

An Chongqiu was busy asking, “Old Li, if this matter has something to do with Miss Gu, please do me a favour and don’t implicate her personally as much as possible.”

Without thinking, Li Yalin said, “Don’t worry, I will!”

After hanging up the phone, Li Yalin immediately called his most trusted subordinate and instructed, “Go to JFK Airport right now, starting from the airport, investigate all the information about the B9733 private jet before it took off, including the boarding time, security check time and arrival time of the pa*senger named Gu Qiuyi, and then follow this line all the way to Before Gu Qiuyi left the hotel this morning, investigate all her movements since she woke up! Bring me back all the video footage you can get!”

The henchman asked in surprise, “Chief …… you want to investigate that big star?! She’s getting a lot of attention right now, we’re investigating her for no reason, this …… how can we explain if the top asks down?”

Li Yalin said in a cold voice: “I suspect that she is related to Fei Hao Yang’s kidnapping case, so I must investigate her to the letter, but before we find any actual clues, you must make sure that nothing will leak out of this matter, otherwise, both of us will be in trouble!”