Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4333

An Chongqiu is a meticulous thinker, and although his style of action is not thunderous enough, he definitely sees things more deeply than the average person.

When he was bidding for the Spring Return Pill in Jinling, he had met with Fei Jianzhong.

At that time at the auction, he had also once raised the price to a height that even Fei Jianzhong, could not reach.

Moreover, what impressed An Chongqiu was that not long after he was expelled from the venue that day, he heard that Fei Shanhai of the Fei family had taken over the position of Fei Jianzhong’s family head and had even released a secret flower to buy Fei Jianzhong’s life.

An Chongqiu immediately realised that even with his own expulsion, Fei Jianzhong had not been able to bid for the Spring Return Pill as he had hoped.

At that time, An Chongqiu also thought that Fei Jianzhong was already 96 years old and was on his last legs, so he would never have a chance to turn around in his life.

But he never expected that the 96-year-old Fei Jianzhong would suddenly be able to kill a comeback.

Therefore, he immediately realised that there must be something wrong here, not just him, but there must be an expert behind the kidnapping of Fei Hao Yang and the exposure of such a huge scandal.

When Li Yalin heard his judgement, he also said with great certainty: “I also feel that these things are very wrong now. …”

An Chongqiu said seriously, “Old Li, I don’t think you have anyone directly involved in the kidnapping of Fei Hao Yang, do you?”

“No.” Li Yalin said truthfully, “We haven’t even found a single eyewitness in this line so far.”

An Chongqiu said seriously, “Then I suggest that you check out Fei Jianzhong’s line of work. Look for Fei Jianzhong, he will definitely know!”

Li Yalin exclaimed, “You mean the one who kidnapped Fei Hao Yang and the one who helped Fei Jianzhong back to New York are the same person?”

An Chongqiu said without thinking, “That’s right, I think it must be the same person, or the same group of people.”

Li Yalin said doubtfully, “Then I don’t understand why this person or this group of people, on the one hand, kidnapped Fei Hao Yang, cut off both of his ears and exposed all the scandals of Fei Hao Yang, and on the other hand, helped Fei Jianzhong return to New York, if he was close to Fei Jianzhong, he shouldn’t have done it to Fei Jianzhong’s great-grandson, right? ”

An Chongqiu suddenly remembered something at this time and said seriously, “Old Li, I suspect that this matter might have something to do with the owner of the Spring Return Pill!”

Li Yalin asked in surprise, “Is that the mysterious person who doesn’t even have US$300 billion in his sights?”

“That’s right!” An Chongqiu blurted out, “Think about it, with the strength of the Fei family, after Fei Shanhai became the head of the family, he tried to kill Fei Jianzhong, but he couldn’t even find him, but at that time, Fei Jianzhong and his granddaughter could be said to be all alone and without relatives in China, they had no money and no power, if they didn’t have someone high up to help them, they would have been killed by Fei Shanhai long ago! ”

Li Yalin was also astonished and said with approval, “That’s right! This is the truth! If Fei Shanhai wanted to kill the ninety-year-old Fei Jianzhong after he succeeded in seizing power, it would be as easy as a snap, but instead of being killed, Fei Jianzhong was able to suddenly kill his way back to New York.

An Chongqiu also became more and more excited: “If it’s really the owner of the Spring Return Pill, then maybe he’s in America! Check Fei Jianzhong’s entry records and see who entered the country with him this evening!”

Li Yalin immediately said, “Chong Qiu, you really have a good f*cking brain, you’re better than me! I’ll go check it out now!”

An Chongqiu was busy instructing, “Old Li, if you find out anything about this matter, you must not hide it from me, my old man can only be cured by the Spring Return Pill, if you find any relevant clues, you must tell me!”