Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4331

After the An family reached a consensus on the matter of the Spring Return Pill, the old lady was in a much better mood all of a sudden, and seemed to be somewhat enlightened as a whole, a smile hanging on her wrinkled face all the time, her expression full of expectation.

She couldn’t help but lament, “It would be great to settle the rejuvenation pills for your dad, and then hurry up and find Chen’er!”

On the side, An Kaifeng said in a hurry, “Mom, I plan to organise another group of people to go out and search for Chen’er’s whereabouts to see if we can find any valuable clues.”

The old lady said seriously, “We have invested a lot of manpower and resources over the years, but we haven’t found any clues about Chen’er, so I now wonder if we are going in the wrong direction to begin with.”

An Kaifeng asked, “Mum, what do you mean?”

The old lady spoke, “I remember when we first searched the whole of Jinling several times, and then spread out from Jinling to the whole of China, but after searching for more than ten years in China with no clues, we continued to expand the scope to the whole world, and we haven’t found any clues until now.”

An Kaifeng said, “That’s right, as you know, it’s not easy to find people, and sometimes, the luck is not that good. All along, we have been looking for orphans of Chinese descent around the world who are about the same age as Chen’er, and then try to collect their DNA to match the DNA information left by my sister. ”

Even if we use all our abilities and resources, it is impossible to compare the DNA of all 100 million people, if we can do 90%, there are still at least 10 million people who have not been matched. often just don’t work as well as they should, and often the people you want to find are in the 10% you haven’t found.”

An Youyou also nodded and said, “Second Brother is right, luck is something that can’t be described very often, even if you look for one out of a hundred, it is possible to find ninety-nine in a row that are wrong.”

The old lady also nodded in great agreement and said, “So I think that we should not spread our stall so wide now.”

An Kaifeng asked, “Mom, do you mean to narrow down the search?”

“Yes.” The old lady said very seriously, “I think the odds are that Chen’er is still in the country.”

An Kaifeng said, “Mom, there are more than 9 million square kilometres and 1.4 billion people in the country, so it will take at least 10 years to find them all again, and there is no universal DNA database in the country. information would not be included and it would be very difficult to find them.”

But the old lady said very seriously, “It doesn’t matter, let’s start from home this time! Since we have already checked Jinling in the first place, let’s do a thorough investigation of the provinces around Jinling, especially the provinces south of Jinling.”

An Kaifeng nodded and said, “Fine, then I’ll make arrangements to start with the provinces around Jinling.”

An Chongqiu said, “Mum, Kai Feng, Zhaonan and Youyou are all busy with the group’s affairs and are too busy to do anything else, so why don’t I stay in the country to look for Chen’s whereabouts after this trip to Yanjing?”

The old lady nodded gently, “OK!”

At this time, the oldest An Zhaonan glanced at his mobile phone, which had been in Do Not Disturb mode, and suddenly exclaimed, “Something big has happened to the Fei family!”

“The Fei family?” An Zhaonan recalled his speculation with Li Yalin and asked offhandedly, “Has some scandal broken out?”

“It’s more than a scandal ……” An Zhaonan said offhandedly, “The Fei family is probably going to offend the whole world this time! The news said that the kidnapped boy of the Fei family had abused and killed at least twenty innocent girls, and there was video evidence of all of them!”