Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4330

Hearing this, An Chongqiu could not help but sigh, “If only I could buy the Spring Return Pill, all these problems of Dad’s could be solved.”

When the old lady saw the effect of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill today, she instantly had great confidence in the pill again, so she hurriedly said, “Chongqiu, let’s go back to the living room, you can give mum a good explanation of what this Spring Returning Pill is all about, recently mum has also heard people talk about it, but she always felt that what they said was too fantastical and not like the real thing, so she couldn’t tell if it was true or not.”

An Kaifeng nodded and agreed, “Yes, big brother, many people in the circle have been talking about the miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill recently.

An Chongqiu looked at the time and said, “Mum, it’s too late tonight, why don’t you go back and rest first, I’ll go with Kai Feng to keep Dad company, when you’re well rested, I’ll talk to you and everyone else about the Spring Return Pill tomorrow.”

The old lady waved her hand and said, “No, I’m not tired at all, if Nui Nui hadn’t left, I could have dragged her to talk all night, now that she’s back in New York, my heart is empty, so I don’t want to sleep even more.”

She looked around the room and said to everyone, “Let’s not rush to rest tonight, let’s just organise a family meeting and have a good chat.”

When everyone saw that the old lady had said this, they all agreed to do so, and a group of people surrounded her and returned to the living room.

After sitting down in the living room, An Chongqiu recounted in detail the whole process of his previous trip to Jinling.

When everyone heard his account of the miraculous effects that the Spring Return Pill had brought to those bidders, they were all astonished.

An Kaifeng said in awe, “Big brother, I thought these rumours must have been greatly exaggerated, but according to you, the rumours out there are not exaggerated at all, this stuff can really turn back the clock?!”

“Yes!” An Chongqiu sighed, “It’s just a pity that I’ve only seen the effect of a quarter of the Spring Return Pill, I didn’t have the chance to see what kind of miraculous performance a whole Spring Return Pill has after taking it ……”

An Kaifeng immediately said, “This is simple, I will have someone go directly to investigate the guy who got the Spring Return Pill tomorrow to see how much he has changed before and after.”

I think that since he can afford to buy the Spring Return Pill, he must have his own medical team, and all his medical records and health conditions must have been recorded in great detail. , exactly what kind of physical state he was in.”

“Moreover, I’m sure that after he took the Revitalising Pill, he would have had his own medical team conduct a new a*sessment of his body at the first opportunity, using scientific means to visually present all the changes that occurred in his body before and after taking the Revitalising Pill, so as long as we can get his medical records, we’ll be able to find out just how effective a whole Revitalising Pill really is! ”

An Chongqiu said, “Mom, in fact, the safest way is to take Dad to the auction of the Spring Return Pill next year and auction it off and take it on the spot at the auction hall.”

The old lady sighed and said, “But according to what you said, they only hold the auction once a year, and this year’s has just ended, so the next one will have to wait another year. would be out of luck ……”

The auction is the last plan, if we can get the Spring Return Pill through other channels before the auction, that would be great!”