Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4328

Only then did the old lady understand that Gu Qiuyi had her own business to attend to, so she hurriedly said, “Oops, it was an oversight on Grandma’s part, I didn’t realize you had something to …… do.”

After that, she hurriedly said to her eldest son, An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, you go and arrange for a flight, I will accompany my daughter to New York with Youyou, and we will be there to support her during her concert.”

An Chongqiu nodded and said, “Then I’ll go and make the arrangements.”

As soon as Gu Qiuyi heard this, her heart burst with anxiety.

She didn’t dare let the old lady and Ye Chen’s sister-in-law go to her concert together, after all, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had already booked to go back to support her, and if the old lady and the girls also went, they would definitely recognise Ye Chen when they saw him.

Although Gu Qiuyi very much hoped that Ye Chen could let go of his hard feelings and identify with his grandmother’s family, she also respected Ye Chen’s own choice, and since Ye Chen was not yet ready, she should not try to speed things up.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would definitely feel uncomfortable.

So she hurriedly spoke, “Grandma, you shouldn’t be so fussy, my concert isn’t just a New York show either, the Los Angeles leg of the tour is in a few days, so you can support me directly at home then.”

Saying that, she gave a slight pause and continued, “Besides, although Grandpa’s body has recovered, the other symptoms have not subsided, so it’s better for you to stay by her side and take care of her at critical times.”

Ye Chen’s sister-in-law, An Youyou, also said, “Yes, Mom, Dad’s memory has not recovered either, so it’s better for you to stay with him, there are many concerts in North America, we can wait for her to come to Los Angeles and then go to support her. If Dad is in better shape, even he can come along to the venue, and why would you need to make the trip to New York on a big night.”

The old lady hesitated for a moment and sighed slightly.

Her heart had already been convinced by her daughter, but she still couldn’t help but take Gu Qiuyi’s hand and say with a few choked sobs, “Nui Nui …… grandma really can’t let you go …… you can suddenly appear today, grandma’s heart is really happy I really want to keep you around for more days, otherwise you would have left so soon, grandmother still feels like it was all a dream ……”

Gu Qiuyi was busy saying, “Grandma, don’t worry, after I’m busy with the farewell concert this time, I’ll quit acting completely, I’ll have plenty of time to keep you company then!”

She hurriedly added, “Maybe we’ll be able to find brother Ye Chen soon, and when that time comes, we’ll both come to Los Angeles to keep you company!”

When the old lady heard this, tears instantly came to her eyes again, she held Gu Qiuyi’s hand and said seriously, “Good, good! Grandma is sure that we will get Chen’er back! I’m still waiting to see you two get married and to hold my grandson! When the time comes, you and your family will settle in Los Angeles and keep Grandma company ……”

Gu Qiuyi nodded solemnly and said seriously, “Grandma, don’t worry, we will all be with you when the time comes!”

The old lady nodded in relief, reached out and wiped her tears, and said, “Good child, since you have something to do tomorrow, grandma will not keep you much longer, but you saved your grandfather’s life, we did not have time to thank you properly, I really feel sorry for you, and you are also my future grandson-in-law, so you came all this way and did not stay at home for one night! ……”

Gu Qiuyi busy said: “Grandma, you have said, I am your future grandson-in-law, then with me still so polite to do …… tonight is really the situation does not allow, but you do not worry, I will certainly come to see you often in the future, then every day in the An family to rub food and drink, you drive me I do not leave! ”

“Good!” The old lady said with great relief, “With your words, grandma is relieved!”

After saying that, she stood up and said, “Go, grandma will take you to the plane!”