Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4321

A few moments later, the entire Fei family, led by Fei Jianzhong and Fei Kexin, walked out of the Fei family villa in unison and respectfully escorted Ye Chen out.

At this moment, a helicopter had been waiting on the lawn outside the door for a long time.

Surrounded by the Fei family, Ye Chen arrived at the helicopter and turned to Fei Ke Xin, “It’s alright, go and do your own thing.”

Fei Ke Xin nodded gently and said respectfully, “Mr Ye, have a safe journey.”

Ye Chen looked at her and instructed in a low voice, “Miss Fei, I will ask Wan Bu Jun to keep some men to help you through this period of transition, you should also be alert to potential threats from within the Fei family, although dogs can bite, they are still very useful if they can be tamed.”

Fei Ke Xin was incredibly grateful and said earnestly, “Thank you Mr. Ye, I will definitely pay attention ……”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and smiled, “In that case, then I will leave first, call me if you need anything.”

After saying that, Ye Chen took a step and boarded the helicopter.

Immediately afterwards, the helicopter slowly took off amidst Fei Ke Xin’s reluctance and the Fei family’s annotations, flying towards the northeast.

Once Ye Chen left, many members of the Fei family finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Fei Shanhai also had a feeling of survival after the robbery, his whole body instantly relaxed, as if all his strength had been exhausted.

His son, Fei Xuebin, was the same.

At this moment, they had almost put Fei Hao Yang’s death behind them and were thankful that they had survived.

Fei Jianzhong’s heart was also filled with boundless emotion. Although he had not been able to take back the Fei family’s headship today, he had reaped the most coveted Spring Return Pill, so things could be said to have ended super satisfactorily for him.

To him, nothing was more important than the Spring Return Pill.

Fei Hao Yang’s death was now irrelevant to him. After all, to a certain extent, he had Fei Hao Yang to thank for it. If he hadn’t messed with Ye Chen, he wouldn’t have had the chance to return to New York, let alone get Ye Chen’s Spring Return Pill.

At this moment, what Fei Ke Xin missed most was her parents, so she immediately asked her eldest uncle Fei Shanhai, “Where are my parents and family now?”

Fei Shanhai’s expression tightened and he quickly said, “Ke Xin, your parents, they have already moved out from the Fei family, if I remember correctly, they should have gone to Miami, your father has a villa by the sea there, they all went there for a holiday ……”

Fei Ke Xin frowned, “I could believe it if my parents went on holiday, but my brother and sister have actual positions in the group, how could they go to Miami on holiday? Don’t they need to work anymore?”

Fei Shanhai’s heart was instantly disturbed.

Fei Ke Xin’s parents and relatives had been kicked out of the Fei family the first time he seized power.

And her older siblings who had actual positions in the group had all been fired outright without exception.

And in order to prevent them from posing any threat to himself, Fei Shanhai explicitly forbade them from participating in any public activities, and would only give them their freedom after he knew that his kingdom was secure and the old man was completely gone.

Therefore, it can be said that Fei Kexin’s family was forced by him to go to Miami and put under house arrest.

Now that Fei Kexin had become the head of the Fei family and had the backing of Ye Chen and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, Fei Shanhai was worried about her settling scores after the fall, so deep inside he was extremely nervous and could only say with a stiff upper lip, “Kexin …… to be honest …… let your family go to Miami was my intention. people to go to Miami was my intention …… I was thinking that it would be relatively more rea*suring for me if they left New York ……”

At this point, he was afraid of Fei Ke Xin’s anger, he hurriedly said with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry Kexin …… uncle is also confused, you must not be insensitive to me ……”