Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4316

Ye Chen’s questioning caused Yuan Zixu to panic a bit, and he could not hide his nervousness as he spoke: “Mr. Ye, don’t be angry …… If you don’t feel relieved, I’ll break a few of his teeth now …… No more, no more I’ll break his dog’s leg! In short, I will make sure you are satisfied!”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, “No need, he just bumped into me at noon, I made him kneel in the restaurant until now, I think he must have known his mistake.”

As soon as Zhang Chuan heard this, he hurriedly knelt on the ground and said reverently, “Mr. Ye, I do know that I was wrong! Please also ask you to be noble ……”

Ye Chen nodded and said blandly, “I can no longer pursue your faults.”

Hearing this, Zhang Chuan’s whole body was immediately excited, and he hurriedly knelt down on the ground and kept kowtowing, shouting loudly, “Thank you, Mr. Ye, for your generosity! Thank you!”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “You don’t need to thank me in such a hurry, I really won’t pursue you for anything, but I won’t help you restore your cultivation either, because this is the price you have to pay for the mistake you have made.”

Zhang Chuan’s originally incomparably excited expression instantly turned a miserable white.

He even pleaded with a few tears, “Mr. Ye, I have been training hard in the martial arts since I was a child, and I have trained hard for dozens of years to achieve this insignificant achievement today, if you cannot restore my cultivation, I might as well die ……”

The other side of Yuan Zixu also hurriedly bowed and said, “Mr. Ye, although Senior Brother Zhang is a bit hot-headed, he is indeed a loyal person, and it is not easy for him to cultivate for so many years, so I hope you can give him a chance to reform for the sake that he has not made any big mistakes.”

Ye Chen waved his hand and spoke, “If it’s not easy to say that it’s not easy for everyone, do you think it’s easy for Fei Hao Yang to live such a big life? Didn’t he have to eat one bite at a time for the past 20 years? Could this also be a reason to forgive him?”

Yuan Zixu was speechless at once.

Zhang Chuan’s entire body almost collapsed; to him, if his cultivation could not be restored, this life was basically equivalent to living in vain.

However, Yuan Zixu no longer dared to plead with Ye Chen on his behalf; after all, Yuan Zixu himself had little friendship with Ye Chen, and his words were insignificant in front of Ye Chen.

At this time, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something, looked at Yuan Zixu and asked, “There was a guy surnamed Luo earlier, I think he was also from your division, right?”

Yuan Zixu was instantly lifted up and blurted out, “Is it Luo Jia Cheng Luo’s senior brother? He disappeared in Jinling earlier, could he be in your hands, Mr. Ye?!”

At the side, Fei Ke Xin’s expression did not change, because she had long guessed that Luo Jiacheng must be in Ye Chen’s hands, and the reason why she did not mention this to Ye Chen was because she could not find a suitable opportunity to speak up.

At this moment, Ye Chen said with a frank face, “He is indeed in my hands, if I remember correctly, his strength seems to be a little bit worse than yours, but a little bit stronger than that Zhang Chuan.”

Yuan Zixu could not hide his shock as he nodded and spoke, “That’s right …… Senior Luo has broken through to a six-star martial artist, originally he was to take over from me and continue to serve the Fei family, I wonder where he has offended Mr. Ye?”

Ye Chen smiled faintly: “It’s not like I was offended, it’s just that at that time Miss Fei was racking her brains to investigate me in Jinling, and I saw that the bodyguard by her side was rather obtrusive, so I invited him to stay for a few days at the dog farm under me.”

Yuan Zixu’s expression was particularly sad at this point.

Although his division had many disciples, there were few masters who could really pull their weight.

He, Luo Jiacheng and Zhang Chuan were almost half, if not more than half, of the division’s masters.

However, the loss of two of these masters at the hands of Ye Chen was a great weakening of the division’s overall strength.