Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4311

After saying that, he said with some emotion, “I don’t have a year or two left to live, and I’ve experienced so many things, I’ve already looked away from money.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly in satisfaction and spoke, “I know that it has not been easy for you to fight in your life until now, and now that you are older, so much money that you have earned, normally speaking, no longer means anything to you, and because of the money matter, it has even made your own son kill you, to say the least, I feel sad for you.”

Fei Jianzhong sighed and said with a melancholy face, “Mr. Ye you are right …… Before reaching my age, there is no longer any positive meaning ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said lightly, “Normally that is indeed true, however, I can give you a chance to spend your money.”

Fei Jianzhong was stunned and quickly asked, “Mr. Ye, what do you mean?”

Ye Chen smiled blandly, “Haven’t you always wanted to buy the Spring Return Pill? If I remember correctly, at the auction in Jinling, you were asking for two hundred and ten billion at that time.”

When Fei Jianzhong heard this, although he was still unsure of what Ye Chen meant, his whole person was already excited beyond control and said in a loud voice, “Yes …… Yes …… Mr. Ye …… At that time I …… Indeed, I did ask for two hundred and ten billion …… You …… Why do you remember to ask this?”

Ye Chen smiled playfully and didn’t answer his question, but looked at Fei Ke Xin and spoke, “Miss Fei, after you successfully succeeded as the head of the Fei family and succeeded to the disposal of all of Elder Fei’s a*sets, in order to express my congratulations, I can make an exception and give you an opportunity to purchase the Spring Return Pill!”

Hearing these words, Fei Jianzhong’s entire body instantly fell into ecstasy!

“Spring Return Pill!”

“Ye Chen is actually willing to sell Ke Xin the Spring Return Pill!”

“If I can get this Spring Return Pill, I’ll be able to live at least another ten or twenty years ……”

“This …… Could this be the case of a stuffed horse?!”

Thinking of this, deep inside Fei Jianzhong’s heart suddenly began to worry again.

Because what Ye Chen had just said was very clear, this opportunity to make an exception to purchase the Spring Return Pill was not for himself, but for his granddaughter, Fei Ke Xin.

Moreover, it must also wait until after granddaughter Fei Kexin became the head of the Fei family and inherited the right to dominate the a*sets.

In this way, the character and temperament of his granddaughter Fei Kexin will be tested.

If she really took herself seriously as a grandfather, she would certainly be willing to pay for the Spring Return Pill.

However, if she was like his eldest son, Fei Shanhai, who was not willing to pay for the pills, then he would be left with a basket full of water.

So he subconsciously looked at Fei Kexin, his eyes full of eager expectation.

Fei Ke Xin did not disappoint Fei Jianzhong.

She was also very excited at this moment and said, “Mr. Ye, is what you said true? You can really make an exception and give me a chance to buy the Spring Return Pill?”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “I, Ye Chen, have always been true to my word.”

Saying that, he looked at Fei Jianzhong and added, “That day at the auction, you asked for two hundred and ten billion US dollars, today, for the sake of your Miss Fei, I’ll erase the change for you, two hundred billion US dollars a piece.”

Without thinking, Fei Ke Xin blurted out, “Good! I’ll buy!”