Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4300

The first time Fei Ke Xin saw her grandfather looking at herself with such a look, she was first shocked, and then she understood the reason for this look from her grandfather.

“It seems that …… grandfather must have misunderstood me ……”

The problem can never be solved by his death. Our family must take up enough responsibility and must make this matter public, apologize to the victims and the public, and actively pay huge compensation to the families of the victims as a way to to obtain the forgiveness of the people ……”

Fei Xuebin, who had been slapped by Wan Bajun, shouted, “If we want to make it public, then we should hand over Hao Yang to the judiciary and let the federal court try him for his crimes!”

Fei Shanhai also came back to his senses and blurted out, “That’s right! Fei Kexin! Your girl’s heart is truly poisonous! Not only do you want my grandson’s life, you want to drag the Fei family into the abyss! If it’s as public as you say, why do you want my grandson, Hao Yang, to pay for his life? If we hand him over to the law, the most we can do is to sentence him to life imprisonment without parole!”

Fei Kexin questioned, “Have you not thought about why Mr. Ye did not just hand over the videos to the American police if this proposal was really feasible? Why did you have to make the extra effort to come to the Fei family and let us talk about the solution ourselves?”

The crowd was stunned by this question from her.

Especially Fei Jianzhong, his entire body was instantly enlightened.

Fei Ke Xin’s words made him finally realise the crux of the problem.

He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, “Why didn’t I think of this layer …… This Ye Chen is definitely not satisfied with unusual means to solve the problem since he has come to the door ……”

“At a time like this, if we still think of relying on the American judicial system to save Hao the beast Yang a dog’s life, we can only say that the rest of us, have not thought through the key to this matter!”

“The fact that Ye Chen can come to the door means that he must be planning to use his means to solve this matter, and given his style of action, it’s impossible to save either Hao Yang’s life or the Fei family’s reputation! The fact that he’s asking people to express their views is just a test!”

“Hao Yang committed such a great crime, how can he satisfy Ye Chen just by paying for his life? What’s ridiculous is that I was just thinking of using money to suppress everything, which in itself is a provocation to Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen allow ……”

Thinking about this, he could not help but look at Fei Ke Xin, thinking in his heart, “It seems that it is still Ke Xin who sees things more clearly ……”

At this time, Fei Ke Xin continued, “Gentlemen …… this matter, although the direct fault is on Fei Hao Yang alone, but have you ever thought, how can he commit so many inhumane crimes, but still get away with it? The only thing he relied on was the Fei family’s powerful resources, funds and contacts to back him up?”

“Otherwise, if he were just an ordinary man, he would not have had the chance to do so much evil even if he wanted to! He might even have been arrested long ago because the matter was exposed!”

“It was the Fei family’s strength and aura that helped him cover up the evil in his body, which allowed him to commit serious crimes time and time again, while getting away with it!”

“So, from this point of view, the Fei family bears an inescapable responsibility for this! Each and every one of us in the Fei family also bears an unshirkable responsibility!”

“That’s why, at a time like this, what we really need to do is to face up to our mistakes! And take the initiative to disclose this to all the people!”

“And we also need to make a sincere apology and positive compensation! If we can get the public to understand us, we will be lucky; if they don’t, we will have to suffer the consequences ourselves!”