Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4289

From Fei Shanhai’s point of view, the position of the Fei family head was his lifelong pursuit, and he had waited for so many years to finally get what he wanted, so now he was naturally unwilling to let go of it.

Seeing that his father looked like he was determined to fight to the death, Fei Xuebin hurriedly said, “Dad! Why don’t we contact Li Yalin directly? Tell him the clue about Hao Yang’s kidnapping and let him deal with that Ye!”

Hearing this, Fei Shanhai could not help but stifle his sigh and said, “If we had told Li Yalin directly at noon and let Li Yalin deal with him, we could indeed rest easy ……”

Speaking of this, Fei Shanhai angrily rebuked incomparably, “But …… that son of a b*tch surnamed Ye had it all figured out a long time ago!”

Fei Xuebin was a little surprised and asked, “Dad, isn’t that surnamed Ye afraid that we will call the police? Even if he’s powerful, he can’t possibly go against the entire American police, right?”

Fei Shanhai said in a disheartened voice, “Of course he doesn’t want to go against the police, so he doesn’t want us to go to the police either, because of this, he got us both drunk at noon, so as to buy himself time. What if the police come and so does the old man, can we still finish the old man off in front of the police? Wouldn’t the old master enter the Fei family in a dignified manner then?”

When Fei Xuebin heard this, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Dad! Are you saying that …… the one surnamed Ye knew at noon that Old Master was coming back?”

“Mm!” Fei Shanhai said with certainty, “I think he didn’t just know that simply, it’s likely that old master has been in his hands all this time! He’s also the one who told the old man to come back at this time!”

Fei Xuebin’s heart thudded and he blurted out, “Then …… doesn’t that mean that the surnamed Ye has been eyeing us for a long time?!”

“Yes!” Fei Shanhai said in a stern voice, “That must be the case!”

As he was speaking, his second son, Fei Xuejin, ran back in stride and said offhandedly, “Dad, big brother, the family’s bodyguards have all gathered, a total of one hundred and thirty-six people, fully armed!”

“Good!” Fei Shanhai suddenly felt much more confident and said, “Gather more than half of the men here, and order them to shoot that Ye guy to death whenever he dares to come!”

“Yes!” Fei Xuejin immediately nodded and said, “I’ll give the order now!”

“Don’t rush yet!” Fei Shanhai called out to him and said out of the blue, “Also, no matter who that Ye has with him later, kill them all together, kill them all! If we kill Ye, we’ll all get an equal share of one billion dollars, and on top of that, for every additional person we kill, we’ll get an additional 100 million dollars!”

What Fei Shanhai was thinking was that it would be best if his father and niece came along with Ye tonight.

In that case, when the bodyguards saw Ye for the money, they would definitely open fire and kill him and the people around him regardless.

In that case, he would be completely rid of his biggest problem.

Fei Xuejin immediately sent down the order, and the one hundred and thirty-six bodyguards were thrilled to hear about the huge reward!

Just as Fei Shanhai had expected, the bounty of hundreds of millions of dollars immediately made the bodyguards start to shake their fists and wait for the opportunity to kill!

At that moment, the entire Fei family suddenly went dark, all the lights went out in an instant, and all the electrical equipment was instantly switched off due to a power cut.

Fei Shanhai was trembling with fear in the ICU, and when he saw the darkness around him, he asked nervously, “What’s going on? Why did the power go out when it was fine? Don’t we have multiple power lines?”