Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4278

Unlike metal, jadeite is a naturally occurring stone with a wide variety of colours, most of which can vary greatly within the material and are extremely susceptible to cracks, mottled colours and cotton-like flocculence within.

Generally speaking, there is only one in a million imperial green pieces of this colour, and the chances of finding a large piece of imperial green that can be made into a bracelet, and one that is full green, crack-free, cotton-free and flocculent-free, are literally one in a billion.

The old lady’s bracelet, a genuine old pit gla*s imperial green from back in the day and handed down from the palace during the Qing dynasty, has been handed down so well that its value has long since exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars.

Among jadeite players, that bracelet, which exists only in legend and is worth five billion RMB, is exactly this one.

Although Gu Qiuyi did not know anything about jadeite, just by looking at the colour of this bracelet she could guess that it was worth a lot of money, so she quickly pushed it away, “Grandma, how can I want something from you ……”

The old lady said seriously, “Son, you are Chen’s fiancée, and this is the first time you come to the house, according to our rules, you must not be short of a meeting gift! This is what I, as a grandmother, give to you, the future grandson-in-law, as a meeting gift!”

On the other side, An Qishan also hurriedly said, “A gift must be given! Chongqiu, go and find the title of the courtyard in Crow’s Hutong in Yanjing and transfer the house to Miss Gu’s name!”

An Chongqiu nodded in a hurry.

An Qishan then said to Gu Qiuyi, “Miss Gu, the courtyard in Crow’s Hutong has three rooms and three exits, and all the beams and pillars are made of golden silk nan wood. Nanmu alone is now worth billions!”

The old lady on the side said helplessly, “Qishan, that was forty years ago ……”

Due to the lack of efficacy of the medicine, the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill saved An Qishan’s life, but his symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease did not lessen, so his perception of time, too, was basically stuck in the state of twenty years ago.

Gu Qiuyi at this point waved her hands in fear and said in a terrified voice, “Grandfather …… I can’t take such a valuable thing ……”

“What can’t.” An Qishan blurted out, “This mansion was originally intended to be left to Chen’er, now that Chen’er has not been found, and Chen’er’s fiancée has been found first, then this mansion will naturally be half yours, you take it first, and when you find Chen’er, you will use it as your new house!”

Said, he rubbed his head, can’t help but say: “just Chen’er just eight years old …… marriage is afraid to wait for some more years, in addition you are so much older than Chen’er, after the marriage, don’t bully him …… ”

When the old lady heard this, she hurriedly said, “Qishan, didn’t I tell you, it’s already twenty years later, and if Chen’er was still alive, he would have been twenty-eight this year!”

“Huh?” An Qishan was stunned and said, “Chen’er is twenty-eight years old? When did that happen, didn’t he just celebrate his eighth birthday?”

After that, An Qishan’s expression was stunned and his eyes were red as he said, “Chengqi …… Chengqi …… is all my fault …… don’t worry, I’ll give up my I’ll give up my life to get Chen’er back ……”

The old lady saw that An Qishan was in agony and her own heart was also cut like a knife, she hurriedly said to the people, “He’s getting confused again, let’s go out first, don’t disturb him here ……”