Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4277

At this point, An Qishan’s heart was overwhelmed with emotion.

Immediately afterwards, he took off his oxygen mask, then clasped his hands and bowed slightly to Gu Qiuyi, and said gratefully, “Miss Gu, you have saved my life, as the saying goes, a great kindness is not thanked, and I, An Qishan, do not like to say any empty words or platitudes, I can only promise you one thing, whenever you need me in the future, no one in the An family will dare I can only promise you one thing.

As soon as An Chongqiu heard these words, as the eldest son of the An family, he also immediately bowed towards Gu Qiuyi with a fist and said respectfully, “Miss Gu, in the future, if you have any needs for the An family, you can directly instruct me!”

Gu Qiuyi did not expect that both of Ye Chen’s elders would bow to her, and was instantly a bit terrified, and quickly said, “Both of you are Ye Chen’s brother’s elders, and also my elders, don’t be so polite …… these… …these are all things I should do ……”

The old lady said gratefully, “Good boy …… such a miraculous elixir, in anyone’s hands it would be a treasure worth a fortune …… for you to take it out to us so generously is our An family’s great benefactor ……”

Saying that, she couldn’t help but sigh, “At the beginning, Chengqi said that your Gu family is affectionate and righteous, I really didn’t expect that your Gu family hasn’t given up looking for Chen’er for so many years …… Really affectionate and righteous …… ”

Gu Qiuyi smiled faintly and said with a bit of shyness, “My parents have told me since I was a child that I was to marry brother Ye Chen when I grew up, so in my heart, he has always been my fiancé, and finding him and marrying him is a belief I have held on to for twenty years.”

When Gu Qiuyi said this, the An family all sighed and sighed.

The old lady’s eyes were moist and she couldn’t help but choke up, “So many years have pa*sed, I wonder where Chen’er is now ……”

The old lady looked at Gu Qiuyi and asked, “Good girl, you’ve been waiting for Chen’er for so long, don’t your parents have a problem with that?”

Gu Qiuyi spat out her tongue and said seriously, “Grandma, my parents would really have a problem if I didn’t wait for brother Ye Chen, they both feel that brother Ye Chen is the only place I belong and have been convinced for so many years that they will definitely find brother Ye Chen.”

The old lady was touched beyond words and took Gu Qiuyi’s hand, saying seriously, “Good child, whether or not Chen’er can be found, you are still grandma’s grandson-in-law in her heart! When your grandfather recovers a bit, we will pay a visit to your home and meet your parents, and make sure to thank them in person for all the efforts they have put in to find Chen’er over the years, and even more so for raising such an outstanding girl!”

Without thinking, she took off an extremely fine imperial green jade bracelet from her wrist and handed it to Gu Qiuyi, saying earnestly, “Good child, this bracelet was pa*sed down from my mother’s family’s ancestors, put it on, just as a little gift from grandma to you!”

This jadeite bracelet, in the eyes of those who do not know jadeite, is just a bracelet, even more expensive, I am afraid it is not expensive.

However, for those who really know jadeite, this bracelet is already the ceiling of the whole jadeite field.

There are many varieties of jadeite pits, many colours, and many more, but all those who play jadeite recognise that imperial green is the king of the jadeite varieties.

There is only one material in a million that can reach the imperial green level, and there are very few that can be made into a bracelet.