Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4269

This staff member of the An family didn’t know who Ye Chen was, but he naturally knew An Chengqi’s name like the back of his hand!

As soon as he heard Gu Qiuyi say that that Ye Chen was An Chengqi’s son, this man was instantly appalled!

He immediately thought that his main family had been searching everywhere for the whereabouts of that son left behind by An Chengqi for so many years, but there had never been any clues.

Could this be the important clue that had been delivered to his door?!

Thinking of this, he immediately approved the plane’s landing request, while hurriedly picking up the phone to report to his higher-ups.

These six words, An Chengqiu’s son, were like a thunderbolt, causing the An family’s butler to rush into the medical centre even as he rolled and crawled.

At this moment, An Chongqiu was still doing his best to comfort his mother while forcing himself to endure the pain.

To the old lady, he, the eldest son, had become her spiritual pillar at the moment.

The housekeeper ran over in a panic, not caring about everyone outside, and pushed the door open straight away, saying breathlessly, “Mrs. …… …… Da… …the Grand Young Master ……”

An Chongqiu saw that the always stable housekeeper had actually panicked a bit and even ventured into his father’s ward, and could not help but reprimand, “Uncle Dong, what’s wrong with you?! Don’t you know to knock on the door first?”

Everyone else gathered around at this point, wondering if something urgent had happened.

The butler, with an urgent look on his face, said, “Young master …… There’s a plane from China landing soon ……”

“From China?” An Chongqiu frowned and asked, “What kind of people?”

The butler swallowed and spoke, “It’s the daughter-in-law that Missy appointed back then!”

“What Grand Miss ……,” An Chongqiu didn’t even react for a moment.

The old lady, who was incomparably sad, suddenly blurted out at this time, “It’s the doll’s marriage that Chengqi appointed for Chen’er! It’s Chen’s fiancee! Where is she?”

The housekeeper said, “She’s on the plane, she’s about to land!”

An Chongqiu was surprised and asked, “Mom, what’s going on? Chen’er …… Chen’er has a fiancee?!”

The old lady said with some excitement, “When Chen’er was small, your sister had arranged a marriage for him, the other party was your brother-in-law’s good brother, but at that time the child was still small, your sister only told me about this matter, should not have talked to you …… later your sister and they met with an accident, this matter was not mentioned again The girl was too young, so I thought the matter must have been closed ……”

Speaking here, the old lady suddenly widened her eyes and asked with excitement to the point of crying, “Chongqiu …… you say …… could it be that Chen’er has come back …… ”

“Chen’er?!” An Chongqiu all of a sudden also some emotional excitement, said offhand: “God has eyes! Dad has searched for Chen’er for so many years without finding him, if Chen’er comes back at this time, it will make up for Dad’s great regret ……”

The old lady was trembling with excitement and turned to grab An Qishan’s hand, crying and saying, “Qishan, did you hear that? This time maybe it’s really Chen’s return, our grandson is back! You can’t leave now! You have to wait to see your grandson!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the various parameters on the monitor beside An Qishan rose with the naked eye!

The doctor was immediately excited and said out of the blue, “Master’s physical condition has rebounded! The heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen have all increased!”

When the crowd heard this, they were instantly surprised.

Since the old man had been in a coma, his physical signs had been declining, not to mention rising, and there was no chance of stopping the decline.

The old lady was also overjoyed, wiping away her tears as she said impatiently, “Quick! Help me to go outside! I want to see Chen’er get off the plane with my own eyes!”

An Chongqiu hurriedly helped the old lady to go outside, and Ye Chen’s second uncle, third uncle and sister-in-law also subconsciously followed her.