Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4254

This immediately made him panic: “If I let this b*****d Xuebin finish his drink first, won’t I be finished?”

Thinking that he had just received a slap for him, Fei Shanhai was even more irritated and angry. You unfilial son! Are you drinking so fast because you want your old man me to reward you with an extra gla*s?!”

Fei Xuebin was about to hold his nose and drink the rest down when he suddenly heard this yell from his father, and was so frightened that he nearly lost his goblet.

He looked back at Fei Shanhai in a panic and realised that the white wine in his dad’s gla*s had not even been touched.

At this moment, he finally realised that he had almost made a big mistake again.

Just now, because he did not slap his own mouth in time, he had caused his father to receive a slap for himself.

If he had been careless this time and caused his father to drink another gla*s of wine, his father-son relationship would have been broken on the spot.

At this moment, he really hated Ye Chen, because Ye Chen’s tactics were really too damaging, repeatedly provoking the little relationship between father and son, really his heart is punishable!

After weighing his options, Fei Xuebin had already conceded in his heart, and he couldn’t help but think: “D*mn it! Forget it! Even if I have to drink four gla*ses today, I’m going to give it all up! Even if I have to risk half my life, I’ll do my best to keep my father-son bond intact!”

“Otherwise, if the old man holds a grudge and doesn’t pa*s on the family headship to me, where can I go?”

“When people ask how I lost the position of heir, I will f*cking say that I am to blame for drinking too fast, which will not kill anyone ……”

So, he could only hurriedly put the gla*s down, wiped his mouth in a panic, and busily said, “Dad …… I haven’t finished drinking …… you …… you first please ……”

Only then was Fei Shanhai slightly satisfied, glaring at him, then looking at his own cup again, hesitant to make up his mind.

Ye Chen was a little impatient at this time and spoke, “What’s wrong with you two? Can you still behave? Whoever doesn’t finish it within a minute, I’ll reward him with an extra cup!”

After saying that, he took out his mobile phone, turned on the stopwatch and said, “Start the clock!”

When Fei Shanhai heard this, he dared not delay any longer, so he could only hold the gla*s stiffly and pour it into his stomach.

The spicy and exciting sensation in his mouth almost made Fei Shanhai pa*s out, but he didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, so he could only try his best to drink the chili water-like white wine into his mouth and swallow it into his stomach.

The side of Fei Xuebin kept looking at the tens of millions of dollars worth of Patek Philippe minute repeater watch on his hand and silently prayed: “Dad …… you must drink faster …… in case you pressed for a minute to finish it, then wouldn’t I I have to drink two more gla*ses. For my filial piety, at least give me ten or twenty seconds, otherwise I really can’t resist today ……”

The first is that if you drink slowly, there will be two results.

The first, both himself and his son are each rewarded with a cup.

This is the most finished result, no one can reap half the benefits.

The second is that one can finish the whistle, but one’s son does not have enough time and then receives a cup of reward.

But then, the son would have to collect two cups of reward, rounding up to another pound ……

And the best outcome would be to finish the gla*s himself as quickly as possible, leaving more time for his son to finish the small half of the remaining gla*s as well, so that both of them could escape a disaster ……

Thinking of this, he could only try his best to pour the rest of the white wine into his mouth ……