Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4252

He had never understood how a few Japanese ninjas dared to lay hands on his grandson.

But seeing that Ye Chen could make Zhang Chuan beg for mercy on his knees, he knew that Ye Chen must be the one behind the scenes.

However, in this situation, he had already led the wolf into the house, not to mention questioning him about his grandson’s whereabouts, and even what would happen to him next was still unknown.

At this moment, Ye Chen sneered and said, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to inquire about things, but why did you maliciously acquire the venue where Miss Gu was performing, and use this as a threat to force Miss Gu into submission?”

Fei Shanhai knew that this pot was definitely impossible to shake off, so he could only say apologetically, “I’m really sorry …… I was confused for a moment and did this confusing thing …… Please also ask Miss Gu to forgive us ……”

Fei Xuebin, who was at the side, also said hurriedly, “Yes, yes, it’s all our fault …… We’ll say hello to the venue and definitely won’t delay Miss Gu’s normal performance!”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “You don’t need to say hello, I honestly can’t trust the character of people like you at all, I just go to the roadside and grab a random stray dog, let it bark twice is more credible than what comes out of your mouth.”

When Gu Qiuyi heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud, while Fei Xuebin’s face was saucy, and he cursed in his heart in despair, “It’s not enough to be intimidated and threatened by Ye Chen, I didn’t expect there to be continuous character insults …… and comparing me to a dog, what content can a dog barking twice have? Talking about credible and untrustworthy?”

However, Fei Xuebin could only retort in his heart, but his mouth still said with a respectful face, “Mr. Ye …… how do you think we can handle this matter appropriately? We are all at your command!”

Ye Chen nodded his head, waved his hand and spoke, “This way, haven’t you already bought the arena? Now have the person in charge draw up a contract to sell this venue to Miss Gu’s agency for one dollar, and you directly ask the person in charge on your side to sign a contract with Miss Gu’s agent, so that this venue will be owned by Miss Gu’s agency in the future, so that I don’t have to worry about you b*****ds tripping up.”

Fei Xuebin instantly wanted to cry, he felt like he was the world’s biggest big ingrate.

“In order to force Gu Qiuyi’s hand, I myself paid an extremely high injustice price to buy this venue outright, and then gave Gu Qiuyi’s agency 10 times the breach of contract fee ……”

“I didn’t expect that instead of forcing Gu Qiuyi to give in, it brought me and my dad a big trouble ……”

“Now this son of a b*tch named Ye has humiliated me and my dad so badly that he’s even going to take away the venue again ……”

“What the f*ck does this make me? This is the big ingrate his grandmother opened the door to the big ingrate, the big ingrate to grandma’s house ah!”

Seeing Fei Xuebin’s comical expression but not saying anything, Ye Chen slapped the table hard and asked rhetorically, “What? You are not satisfied with my arrangement?”

“Satisfied …… satisfied!” Fei Xuebin once again shivered violently