Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4223

Fei Xuebin’s remark that time was running out made Fei Shanhai even more worried.

He couldn’t help but question Fei Xuebin, “We sent so many men and offered so much money, and we still haven’t found any clues by now?”

“No……” Fei Xuebin spoke up, “Our men, as well as those from these gangs in New York, have dug up the whole of New York, but there are just no clues… …”

Fei Shanhai angrily rebuked, “They’re all a bunch of rice buckets! Especially those intelligence officers, they are usually paid so much money for them to be useful in critical moments, but the more the time comes, the more useless they are!”

Fei Xuebin said helplessly, “Dad, we can’t blame our intelligence officers this time, the main reason is that the kidnappers are too cunning, they really haven’t left a single clue. The headless case has not stroked out the clues until now ……”

Fei Shanhai suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “Right! What did the police say? Isn’t that Li Yalin a Chinese detective? He’s been investigating too, why hasn’t there been any movement so far?”

“This ……” Fei Xuebin said resentfully, “I didn’t contact Li Yalin, I can’t P*ss in the same pot with this guy.”

Fei Shanhai asked coldly, “Li Yalin seems to be very close to that An Chongqiu of the An family?”

“That’s right.” Fei Xuebin nodded and said, “He is very close to An Chongqiu.”

Fei Shanhai ordered, “Make a call and ask him, see if the police have found anything, if the police can find the kidnappers, then everything is fine, but if they can’t, if we want Hao Yang to live, we have to give out the 200 billion dollars of cryptocurrency that the kidnappers want, if this money is really handed over and no one can be caught in the end, then it will be difficult to recover this money, that thing is completely anonymous, it’s a string of encrypted data that can be put on the line for anonymous transactions by anyone who gets it.”

Fei Xuebin was busy saying, “I know dad, I’ll give Li Yalin a call later.”

Fei Shanhai looked at him, hesitated for a moment and said in a serious tone, “Xuebin, this matter has developed to this point, you and I should be prepared mentally enough.”

Fei Xuebin’s expression was stunned, and he was busy asking, “Dad, what you mean is ……”

Fei Shanhai didn’t cover up and said seriously, “Be prepared for Hao Yang not to come back.”

Hearing these words, Fei Xuebin’s face instantly turned miserable white, his lips trembled lightly as he said, “Dad …… the other party is only seeking money, it shouldn’t be enough to harm lives, right?”

Fei Shanhai sighed and didn’t answer his question, instead, he looked at him and opened his mouth to ask, “Xuebin, do you know what the negative impact, the biggest negative impact, on the Fei family, was caused by your grandfather being in power for too long?”

Fei Xuebin didn’t know why his father was asking this and shook his head in bewilderment.

Fei Shanhai lamented, “The biggest negative impact is that from me to you to Hao Yang, the business abilities of our grandparents and grandchildren are far from being able to keep up with the rhythm of this huge family, if everything runs smoothly, it’s like an aeroplane on autopilot, I only need to sit in the pilot’s seat to make sure it moves forward properly, but once we encounter unexpected events, even I don’t have a good ability to cope with it ……”

The question you asked me just now is completely inconsistent with your identity, think about it, if you were a robber and you kidnapped for ransom and got your hands on US$200 billion, and the whole process of your kidnapping was handled seamlessly and the cryptocurrency you got could be slowly realized without any risk, would you release the hostage under such circumstances? ”

Fei Xuebin was speechless for a moment.

Fei Shanhai gave him a look and couldn’t help but sigh, “Still have to admit the gap …… If your grandfather were here, he would not be as pa*sive as we are ……”

Fei Xuebin sighed and said, “Dad …… grandpa and Ke Xin are still missing so far, we have invested a lot of manpower and resources to find them, but we have not found a single clue …… before I I always thought that the overall strength of the Fei family could be ranked in the top ten in the world, almost all-powerful, but these two times in a row made me realize that our overall strength may still be far from ……”

Fei Shanhai said with a serious expression, “When this incident is over, no matter what the outcome is, we must improve ourselves as soon as possible, otherwise, it is difficult to guarantee that the Fei family will last forever ……”

Fei Xuebin asked carefully, “Dad …… Then what do you think, what is the probability of Hao Yang coming back safely?”