Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4222

As for the reason why the Iga ninja did this, Hattori Hanzo explained that it was because they were upset about the injustice that the Iga ninja had been subjected to during this recent period and decided to create some noise to express their protest.

Apart from that, Hattori Hanzo did not reveal the true identities of those forces outside the country in the video, and this was also because Ye Chen had given the go-ahead.

Although he intended to make Fei Hao Yang a street rat, he was not prepared to bring the entire Fei family into disrepute.

After all, in his planning, the Fei family was still to be handed over to Fei Jianzhong to continue operating, if he tossed the entire Fei family half to death, in the future, even if Elder Fei took over again, the entire Fei family would become a mess.

The odds are that in the future, Master Fei will still have to spend US$200 billion on the Spring Return Pill. For such a potentially large customer, it is still necessary to let him stay as long as possible.

As long as the line of Fei Hao Yang and his father and grandfather were scrapped this time, and the story of how they forced Fei Jianzhong out of the Fei family was exposed, Fei Jianzhong would be able to take back control of the Fei family in name only.

Soon, the video sparked a huge reaction on the internet.

The whole world knew about the horrific terrorist attack in a small town in Japan yesterday, and everyone was concerned about the inside story and the aftermath of the incident, but they didn’t expect someone to come out and admit it so soon, and it was the famous Iga ninja in Japan.

While most internet users abroad were just watching the action, the Japanese public couldn’t be bothered, and in an instant, countless people took to the internet to rage against the Iga ninja, calling them a disgrace to Japan.

There were even proposals to search for the Iga ninja all over Japan and have them all arrested and imprisoned, and some right-wingers even called on the largest Yamaguchi group in Japan to hunt down and kill the Iga ninja as a way to cleanse Japan of traitors.

Hattori Hanzo and Hattori Kazuo, father and son, were so distraught at the overwhelming insults on the internet that they nearly fainted.

Japan’s homeland security department was also stunned.

They had originally received a tip-off that they had caught a group of people, and had planned to take the opportunity to put a bigger charge on them to save face from the previous loss.

Now, it is the Fei family that is most angry.

When he saw the news, Fei Shanhai wanted to tear his house apart and cursed angrily, “Are the Iga ninjas suffering from some serious f*cking disease! Why are they acting like mad dogs, suddenly releasing videos and saying they are terrorists? Just to f*ck with us? Isn’t that like killing a hundred enemies and losing a thousand?”

Fei Xuebin was also confused, and after watching the video several times, he gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t understand it either, isn’t it like eating sh*t and spitting it on others? I really can’t understand their brain circuit, if they do this, won’t they be finished themselves?”

Fei Shanhai sighed and said with a face full of resentment, “They’re still only killing a hundred enemies, if they expose us or if the Japanese land security department finds us out, then we’ll really be in big trouble! And Hao Yang is still in their hands now, we’re just too pa*sive ……”

The first time I saw the company, I was able to get to the bottom of it. I really didn’t expect that a mere ninja family could force my Fei family to this point!”

Fei Xuebin said with a worried face, “Dad, the time given by the kidnappers, there is not much time left ……”