Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4218

“There’s no need to worry too much about that.” Fei Shanhai said in a cold voice, “They are all smart people, their families are out there, if they go against us, they will make his family suffer in minutes, at such a time they will definitely keep their mouths shut and then wait for news from us, as long as our conditions satisfy them, they will not give us up even if they die.”

Fei Xuebin sighed slightly in relief and asked, “Dad, what about the Iga ninja? They dare to fight us to the death like this, they seem to be prepared!”

Fei Shanhai sighed and said resentfully, “This matter can only be put aside for the time being and considered in the long run, otherwise once we push the other side, they will probably hurt Ho-Yeung, our priority is not to deal with the Iga ninja, but to do everything we can to get Ho-Yeung back!”

Fei Xuebin said worriedly, “Dad, the other side only gave us 48 hours, if we can’t get the 200 billion USD cryptocurrency, Hao Yang will be in danger ……”

Fei Shanhai nodded and gritted his teeth, “Don’t worry, if there’s really no other way, I can give him two hundred billion dollars of cryptocurrency, it’s a lot of money, but the Fei family can still afford it! But this money, even if he has the life to earn it, he will definitely not have the life to spend it!”


At this moment, Providence, which was more than two hundred kilometres away from New York.

Ye Chen was sitting alone on the sofa of the hotel, casually looking at the time on his phone.

There were less than 24 hours left before the 48-hour time limit he had given the Fei family.

Once the final time had pa*sed, he would have to launch a final general attack on the Fei family.

Thus, he began the next phase of his deployment.

The first thing Ye Chen did was to once again have Nanae Ito let the word out to inform the public that this bombing in Iga-gun Castle was inextricably linked to the Iga ninja, that the truth of the matter was that the Iga ninja were in cahoots with this group of terrorists, and that according to reliable information, the Iga ninja had already fled Japan ahead of them.

The reason why he had to do this was because Ye Chen intended to completely pull the entire Iga ninja down.

Once this news was released, the claim that the Iga ninja had left Japan ahead of schedule would soon be confirmed.

At that time, everyone would think that the Iga ninja were indeed in contact with these terrorists, so that it was unlikely that the Iga ninja would ever return to Japan in their lifetime.

Apart from that, Ye Chen also gave He Zhiqiu a call.

During the call, he asked He Zhiqiu about the location of the cargo ship that was heading to Syria to deliver food.

He Zhiqiu told him that the cargo ship was pa*sing through Sri Lanka and entering the Arabian Sea, and would be sailing into the Gulf of Aden in a few days’ time.

Ye Chen immediately instructed her, “Zhiqiu, 24 hours later, you should have the cargo ship anchored in place, and I will ask the head of the armed escort of the Wan Long Temple to contact you.”

He Zhiqiu did not know the reason, but agreed to do so immediately, and then made a phone call to have the cargo ship temporarily anchored in the waters near Sri Lanka.

After that, Ye Chen called Wan Jun again and instructed him, “Jun, the cargo ship carrying the grain will stop in the sea near Sri Lanka in 24 hours, you should first arrange a plane to wait in Colombo, after the cargo ship stops, you send a helicopter to bring Fei Jianzhong, Fei Kexin and Su Ruoli to Colombo, after arriving in Colombo, have them fly to New York to meet me. ”

Without thinking, Wan Bajun said, “I will do as you say.”