Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4217

Seeing Fei Xue Bin’s panicked look, Fei Shanhai couldn’t help but frown and say, “How many times do I have to tell you? Can’t you have any composure! You’re the eldest son of the Fei family, and you’re in a state of disarray when something happens. If outsiders find out, where will you put your face?”

Fei Xuebin didn’t bother to explain, swallowed his saliva and said in a panic, “Dad! Something big has happened in Japan!”

Fei Shanhai looked at the time and said, “What’s the big deal? They’ve just reported their progress to me, so they should have just started to penetrate the Iga ninja’s compound by now. What’s the big deal? Could it be that they’ve spooked the snake?”

“Not ……” Fei Xuebin said offhandedly, “Japan’s homeland security department has released news that there has been a terrorist attack in Iga-gun Castle, where the Iga ninja are based, and that a group of terrorists from outside the country, intent on causing Terrorist attacks were discovered by the Japanese Homeland Security Department in advance, and the terrorists ended up killing and injuring most of themselves due to the explosive bombs in a vain attempt to die with the anti-terrorist forces, and the rest were all caught!”

The first thing that came to Fei Shanhai’s mind when he heard this was that all the elites he had sent out were elites, and there was no way they could have gone wrong.

So, he said with some anger, “What’s the situation? These guys blew up all the Iga ninja? These b*****ds, I told them not to make too much noise in Japan! Don’t make too much noise in Japan! Let them get the people out of Japan first, what the hell is wrong with them?”

Fei Xuebin said tearfully, “Dad, you didn’t understand, the Japanese Homeland Security Department said it was terrorists from outside Japan! Those who were killed and injured were also foreign terrorists! It’s not the Iga ninja, it’s our people!”

“What?!” Fei Shanhai’s eyes went black and he asked, “Are you saying that half of our men were killed or injured? How did they die?!”

Fei Xuebin said, “The news said that our men had prepared bombs in advance to carry out a terrorist attack, and when they were discovered, they detonated the bombs to die together!”

“Bullsh*t!” Fei Shanhai roared in anger, “All the people I sent there are all martial arts masters, how could they possibly use bombs to carry out an attack? Even if they had bombs, they couldn’t have brought them into Japan by plane.

Fei Xuebin said helplessly, “Dad, that’s what it said on the news. I’ve already had people contact the people we sent there, and none of them have been able to get in touch. I’m worried that they are really in a bad way ……”

Fei Shanhai grabbed his treasured alabaster pot and viciously slammed it to the ground, roaring in anger, “D*mn it! Are the Iga ninja determined to go to war with my Fei family?! This must be a trap laid by those dogs! Not only did they kill our men, but they made our men take the blame! What an outrage!”

After saying this, he looked at Fei Xuebin and ordered through clenched teeth, “Hurry up and have someone go and get information first, I want to know what the casualties are, how many of our men have died, how many have been injured and how many have been captured!”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly said, “Dad, I have contacted the Japanese intelligence officers and asked them to go and find out.”

Fei Shanhai added, “Make sure to erase the records of their gang as well as their exit records, we must not let this matter implicate our Fei family! If the Japanese land security department follows this line of theirs to the Fei family, we can’t even bite the bullet and admit it!”

“Besides, since Japan has announced that our men are terrorists, they must be ready to plant evidence to frame us. So find a way to give them a message, as long as they don’t bite the Fei family out, the settlement fee will be twenty million dollars per person!”

Fei Xuebin said worriedly, “Dad, I’m afraid now that one of them won’t be able to carry the interrogation and has already put us down!”