Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4193

An Chongqiu slowly said, “Since that hypothesis just now is not valid …… then there is only one other possibility left for the other party’s motive.”

Li Yalin said, “You mean that this gang’s target is not Fei Hao Yang, but the entire Fei family?!”

“That’s right!” An Chongqiu said excitedly, “We both can really think together!”

Li Yalin sighed, “But I still don’t quite understand why they want to draw the Fei family into the spotlight, are they going to strike at the Fei family in front of the whole world?! That’s too arrogant, the whole world won’t forgive them, and when that happens, they’ll definitely become the public enemy of all! The loss will not be worth the gain!”

An Chongqiu frowned slightly and said in a deep voice: “Unless …… unless they have absolute certainty that they can completely reverse the current situation!”

An Chongqiu’s rare expression became a little frightened, and he blurted out: “I see! This must be a public execution!”

“Public execution ……” muttered Li Yalin, repeating the sentence, his eyes suddenly lit up and he blurted out, “I see! If we follow your deduction, that mysterious person must have got hold of a huge scandal of the Fei family, and even once this scandal is exposed, I am afraid that the entire Fei family will suffer a devastating blow! And they deliberately used this method to draw the Fei family into the world’s spotlight, just to make the Fei family ruinous!”

An Chongqiu nodded his head and said gruffly, “That’s right! I presume that’s what’s going on!”

Li Yalin said with a horrified expression, “Then this is really a public execution …… first depressing and then raising and then dropping hard ……”

Speaking of which, Li Yalin tapped the table repeatedly, and muttered, “What is it, to have such great ability… Could it be… could it be the Fei family? The old man has come back to seize power?!”

An Chongqiu was about to speak when Li Yalin shook his head again in a hurry, “No! Even if Elder Fei came back, he couldn’t possibly take his own great-grandson, moreover, Elder Fei has been completely hollowed out, there can’t be a mysterious force left ……”

Seeing that his friend was puzzled, An Chongqiu couldn’t help but laugh, “It seems that even you, a Chinese sleuth, have times when you can’t figure it out.”

Li Yalin laughed bitterly, “The main thing is that this matter really defies common sense, if the other side is really this strong, there’s no way we haven’t heard of it, in this society nowadays, how can someone accumulate such a powerful force without moving?”

An Chongqiu gave a bitter smile and spoke, “Yalin, many things …… do defy common sense, in a word, it is actually that we ourselves are ignorant ……”

Saying that, he looked at Li Yalin and asked, “Do you believe that there is a medicine in this world, just one as big as a quail’s egg, but 300 billion dollars can’t even buy it?”

Li Yalin’s jaw dropped as he listened and blurted out, “What are you saying?! US$300 billion for a single medicine?! Did I hear you right?”

An Chongqiu nodded his head with certainty, “Yes! You heard it right, it’s 300 billion dollars!”

Li Yalin frowned, “Is it some kind of targeted drug that can cure cancer and sell for 300 billion dollars along with the patent? But that’s too expensive ……”

An Chongqiu laughed: “And the patent …… You’re thinking big! Just one Chinese pill, spend three hundred billion dollars just to buy that one pill, not only will you still not be given the formula, you are not even allowed to take it with you, you have to eat it on the spot when you buy it on the spot.”

“F*ck ……” Li Yalin exploded and bristled, “F*cking crazy, how dare you sell this for 300 billion dollars? It’s simply more ruthless than these kidnappers! At such an expensive price, which idiot would buy it?”