Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4189

Just then, a number of water soldiers in the comments began to guide public opinion.

They took the role of those in the know. Telling all netizens that Fei Xuebin wasn’t really looking for a woman on the street, the real reason was because his beloved son Fei Hao Yang had been kidnapped!

The bandits brutally cut off both of his son’s ears and gave them to this prostitute.

And the pa*sionate kiss between Fei Xuebin and the prostitute was just a prank by the bandits.

As for Fei Xuebin, a person not only had to suffer the pain of his son being kidnapped and hurt, but even had to suffer those crazy-like internet violence from the unknown netizens.

It was at this moment that people realised. It turned out that they had completely misunderstood Fei Xuebin before!

Previously, the video of Fei Xuebin kissing a prostitute pa*sionately on the street had made countless people’s senses extremely disgusted with him, and the internet was also clear of accusations and abuses against him.

But now, everyone realised. It turns out that Fei Xuebin is a great father who deserves everyone’s respect and admiration.

Everyone who had scolded him felt immense remorse and guilt in their hearts for their previous comments.

In an instant, countless people began to support and stand in solidarity with Fei Xuebin, and many even took to the comment section to apologise for their previous erroneous comments, all with an extremely sincere tone and attitude!

The Fei family’s previous public opinion crisis was instantly resolved, not only eliminating all the negative effects. It even allowed the Fei family to gain a large number of pa*sers-by.

Seeing the overwhelming apologies, sympathy and compliments on the internet, Fei Xuebin’s mood instantly improved and he couldn’t help but say to Fei Shanhai full of excitement, “Dad, your solution is really wonderful, it’s simply a way to save the day and fight back from the dead ……”

Fei Shanhai saw that the situation was completely controlled by himself with ease. At the same time as he was finally relieved, he could not help but be a little complacent.

He stroked his beard and spoke, “There are only two important things on our hands right now. One is to find out the true identity of those Japanese ninjas as soon as possible, and the other, is to strike while the iron is hot. Maximise the role of the media, give interviews if you should, and if you can’t, hold a press conference.”

Fei Shanchuan, the second brother, hurriedly said, “Big brother, the people who are going to send to Japan are ready, they will be rushed to the airport right away, and will arrive in Japan in thirteen hours.”

Fei Shanhai frowned and smacked his lips, “Tch …… the speed is still too slow ……”

“Can’t be helped.” Fei Shanchuan said helplessly, “Before some families brought in retired Concorde airliners from Europe, we were too late to grab them, and there are no more supersonic airliners available on the market at the moment.”

Fei Shanhai said, “Find out which families bought them at that time, and find a way to buy one back at any cost, as it will definitely be used in the future.”

“Good!” Fei Shanchuan nodded and said, “I’ll have someone investigate the Concorde airliners registered worldwide today and try to buy one back.”

At this time, the Fei family’s butler walked in and said to Fei Shanhai, “Master, the president of CNN and the New York Times called and wanted to do an interview with the youngest master, I don’t know if it’s convenient for you, what do you think?”

“A good thing!” Fei Shanhai said without thinking, “Let them come over, it’s just that Xuebin can also spread a message to the kidnappers in front of the media, saying that the Fei family is ready to take two billion dollars to ransom the person, as soon as they have considered it, they will contact you.”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Okay dad, I know!”