Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4187

Saying that, Qiao Feiyun added, “When this matter is over and Young Master Fei returns safely, I will tell him that from now on you should stop working in the Fei family and come back to Seattle with me.”

The maid was surprised and asked, “Young Master Qiao …… Are you serious?!”

“Of course!” Qiao Feiyun touched her face and said tenderly, “You are the woman I like Qiao Feiyun, I can’t let the woman I like, work as a maid in someone else’s home, you are destined to be a young grandmother, to have others serve you and take care of you, how can I let you take care of someone else?”

These words of love from Qiao Feiyun, a domineering president, made the maid fall deep into it, and her whole being seemed to fall into a sea of Mary Sues.

She felt like she was the happiest Cinderella in the world, finally waiting for her Prince Charming.

The dream of a rich family that had been nurtured in various dramas and literary works since she was a child was instantly and infinitely activated by Qiao Feiyun, making her entire body thrilled beyond measure.

Her entire being instantly choked up, sobbing while saying, “Qiao …… Young Master Qiao…… You …… Do you really not mind me?”

“No! Of course I don’t mind!” Qiao Feiyun took her hand and stroked it while smiling, “Don’t think too much about it now, wait for Young Master Fei to come back without worrying, I will mention it to him then, and I believe he will definitely not refuse.”

“Good ……” The maid nodded her head like a garlic, her heart already excited to the point of no additional.

At this time, Qiao Feiyun seemed to suddenly remember something and hurriedly spoke, “Right Xiao Yuan, I’m really worried about Young Master Fei now, if anything happens to him, I’m afraid it will also affect the happiness of both of us, so during this period of time, if you have the opportunity to approach the Fei family, you must definitely keep an eye on them for me, if they have mentioned Japanese ninjas, if so, you Make sure to pay close attention to it and try to note down what they have said, if there is no good opportunity, you have to use your intelligence to create one, understand?”

What Qiao Feiyun was most worried about now, apart from the mysterious man who killed his brother, was those Japanese ninjas.

If this matter was really the work of those Japanese ninjas, he would really be finished.

Once the Fei family found out about this, he would not be able to wash his hands in the Yellow River.

If the Fei family found out about this, he would not be able to get away with it. Could he tell Fei Shanhai that he hired those ninjas to help his grandson kidnap a popular actress so that he could have a taste of killing her?

If he really said that, Fei Shanhai would kill himself, believe it or not!

The maid’s mind was already imagining her grand wedding to Qiao Feiyun, and when she heard Qiao Feiyun say that, she realised that her lifelong happiness now rested on Fei Haiyang alone, so she said without thinking, “Young Master Qiao, don’t worry, I will definitely keep an eye on it!

Qiao Feiyun nodded in satisfaction and added, “Remember, you must not tell anyone about what I’ve told you, including your nearest and dearest.”

The maid could not resist asking, “Young Master Qiao, can I tell my parents about the two of us? They have always been very concerned about my lifelong matter, and if they knew I was with you, they would be very pleased ……”

“Never!” Qiao Feiyun, hurriedly said, “Once this matter is spread out in advance, it will definitely be known by others!”

Saying that, he hurriedly rea*sured, “Xiao Yuan, you have to remember, I do want to get you to Seattle and live with me, but as you know, you are now in the status of a servant, if word gets out, it will be very stressful for both of us;”

“So, my plan is to ask Young Master Fei to help me when the time comes, so that he can erase all your history and file of having been a servant in the Fei family, and then I will give you a new identity, and get you a degree from a famous university, and package you as a scholarly girl from a great family!”

“That way, when you follow me in and out of high society in the future, no one will look at you through tinted gla*ses!”

“However, if this matter is leaked in advance, when the time comes, in case others expose your identity of having worked as a servant, I am afraid that my parents will not approve of the two of us and you will also face great pressure.”

“So, until Young Master Fei returns safely, this matter must be kept a secret and must not be known to anyone other than you and I. Understand?”