Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4177

                When Fei Xue Bin’s motorcade drove into Brooklyn, it did attract the attention of many street youths.

                In Brooklyn, only gang bosses can afford Rolls-Royces, but the local gang members knew the Rolls-Royce license plates by heart, so they could tell at a glance that the cars were all foreign.

                Some of the gang members couldn’t help but have second thoughts when they saw this convoy.

                However, when they saw that there were six cars, they could only look on in disbelief.

                At this moment, Fei Xuebin in the car suddenly received a text message.

                This time, the other party changed his number and sent the following message: “Go to the Wharton Motel in North Brooklyn.”

                A motel is the lowest end of fast hotels in the United States.

                It has the worst rooms, the worst location, the laxest management and the worst security.

                You don’t need any ID to register to stay in a motel, you park your car at the door, walk in and hand the owner cash and get a key to your room, without showing any ID the whole time.

                The owner is also of the mindset that it is better to collect the money than to ask about the identity of the guests, and does not even want to look at them twice to avoid trouble.

                Therefore, this kind of place is full of fugitives, prostitutes and drug addicts.

                Fei Xue Bin did not expect the other party to set the location in such a place. He first sent the other party’s mobile phone number to the intelligence team, hoping that the other party could locate the person’s position.

                But the intelligence team came back with the news that the other party had switched off his phone again.

                As it was a new number, there was no way to prepare for it in advance, so the location failed again.

                The location failure meant that Fei Xuebin could only follow the other party’s request and head to this motel.

                Although he was reluctant to do so, he had no choice but to go there.

                The motel was located on the edge of North Brooklyn.

                As soon as the convoy arrived at the motel, they saw at least seven or eight scantily clad women standing in front of the door, waving whenever they saw a man driving, and the male driver would immediately stop beside him and “exchange” a few words with him with his window down.

                The exchange is about what kind of service to provide and how much to pay.

                If a deal was agreed, the woman would get into the man’s pa*senger seat or go to the motel room with him to complete the dirty deal.

                Fei Xuebin eyed his surroundings and frowned in disgust.

                Just then, several of the street girls spotted their convoy, some of them more or less self-aware, knowing that a few dozen dollar-a-time prostitutes like themselves were unlikely to win the favour of the owner of the Rolls-Royce.

                But there were also women who were so high on drugs that they came over to the Rolls Royce and knocked on the window, scratching their heads.

                However, no matter how hard they knocked, the drivers of the Rolls-Royces in front of them did not open their windows.

                So, they knocked on the windows one by one, all the way to the one Fei Xuebin was in.

                Fei Xuebin looked through the window at the women, who were as thin as flesh and had rotten teeth and had already lost a lot of teeth at a young age, and cursed in the car as if he had seen a ghost: “What kind of f*cking sh*t is this! Get them out of here and keep them away from my car!”

                The bodyguard on the pa*senger side turned back around and explained, “Young master, these women are like that, we don’t have to bother with her, they’ll leave on their own without knocking on the window.”

                With that, he added, “Did you see the number of disposable syringes discarded on the ground by the roadside? They’re all used by these women, every one of them is a drug addict, they earn a little money every day just by standing on the street to eat and buy contraband, many of them have AIDS, we’d better not open the window just to be safe.”

                “f*ck!” Fei Xuebin recoiled for a moment and cursed angrily, “That’s f*cking disgusting!”

                Luckily, the women didn’t pester, and when they saw that no one had opened the window, they all went back to the roadside and continued to look for other targets.

                At this point, Fei Xue Bin’s mobile phone rang again.

                He hurriedly looked down and saw that this time it was a text message from a new unknown number, and the text read: “See that blonde woman on the side of the road with two missing incisors? Get out of the car and walk up to her, slip a thousand dollars into her collar and she’ll give you something, my men are watching you, don’t pull any tricks or you’ll be waiting for your son to die!”