Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4170

Last second, Chen Zhao Zhong still felt that Ye Chen had put himself on thin ice by having those ninjas kidnap Fei Hao Yang, but in this second, he realized that in Ye Chen’s eyes, the Fei family was not a behemoth at all.

On the contrary, in his eyes, the Fei family was a plate of vegetables.

When to move the chopsticks depended entirely on Ye Chen’s mood.

Whether it was Fei Xuebin or Fei Shanhai, neither had any advantage over Ye Chen.

On the one hand, Ye Chen had the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in his hand, so if he really had to fight the Fei family face to face, the Fei family was no match at all.

On the other hand, Ye Chen still had Fei Jianzhong, the great emperor of the Fei family, in his hands.

If Ye Chen really sent Fei Jianzhong back to the United States, and then used the strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to protect Fei Jianzhong, then I am afraid that Fei Shanhai would have to give up the position of family head again.

If not, once the whole United States knows that Fei Shanhai took advantage of the opportunity to seize his father’s power and ordered him not to return to the United States even after his death, he will become a street rat that everyone will shout at.

He might even be subject to a judicial investigation.

Therefore, no matter how much Fei Shanhai and Fei Xuebin could jump around, as long as Ye Chen played this trump card, it would be an ace bomb for them, father and son.

In this situation, even if Ye Chen killed Fei Hao Yang in front of these two fathers, I am afraid that they would not even dare to say a fart aloud.

So, Chen Zhao Zhong asked Ye Chen, “Young Master Ye, what are you going to do next in this matter?”

Ye Chen said coldly, “Once that Qiao Feiyun has emerged, we will get him and Fei Hao Yang together and finish off the two scum to eliminate the scum for the people!”

Chen Zhao Zhong asked again, “Then do you plan to expose their despicable deeds?”

“Of course!” Ye Chen spoke, “The reason why I didn’t just kill off Fei Hao Yang is to dig up all of his and Qiao Feiyun’s deeds and expose them all, it would be great if we could wipe them out as a group.”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and suddenly had a plan in mind and spoke, “Young Master Ye, if you want to make a bigger deal out of this, I do have a four-two solution.”

Ye Chen was delighted and humbly asked for advice, “Uncle Zhong, what is your good solution?”


Tonight in New York, it was not destined to be peaceful.

Hattori Kazuo, with seven Iga ninjas, drove the rubbish removal truck and brought the unconscious Fei Hao Yang all the way out of New York City, he had already contacted Wan Breaking Army in advance and was following Wan Breaking Army’s instructions to bring the man to the designated place.

After a drive of over an hour, Kazuo Hattori drove the car directly to a deserted gas station in the suburbs.

As soon as the car stopped, more than twenty people immediately rushed out of the darkness and surrounded the rubbish removal truck.

Wan Bajun himself went to the driver’s side and said to Kazuo Hattori, “Keep the car running, everyone out!”

Hattori Kazuo recognized Wan Breaking Jun at once and hurriedly pushed open the car door and stepped down, saying nervously, “Wan …… Hello Mr. Wan …… I …… I was ordered by Master Ye to send Fei Hao Yang to see you ……”

At this time, an Iga ninja also stepped down from the pa*senger side, and six other ninjas stepped out of the trash removal vehicle’s compartment one after another.

And Fei Hoang was still in an unconscious state as he was dragged out of the carriage.

Wan Bajun looked at Hattori Kazuo and spoke, “You few, go with my men.”

Hattori Kazuo dared not make a fuss and said, “Yes, Mr. Wan, we’ll do as you say!”

Wan Bajun waved his hand at his men, and immediately a dozen of them came up and picked up Fei Hao Yang and put him into a commercial vehicle, and then took Hattori Kazuo and eight others to different cars.

Afterwards, a number of cars drove away from the gas station one after another, heading in different directions.