Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4166

Li Yalin’s spirits were lifted and he looked at him and asked, “What is this about the Japanese?”

Zhang Hengkai dared not delay and hurriedly said, “I was recruited by the hotel as a temporary worker, and there were a dozen temporary workers who came in with me, and there were several Japanese among them, but they are not in these photos!”

Li Yalin asked, “What did the Japanese you mentioned look like? What are their characteristics?”

Zhang Hengkai pondered for a moment and said, “Well, they look like the faces of ordinary people, but as for their characteristics, they all have serious expressions, they don’t smile, and they never speak, they only make eye contact, they are sneaky, they don’t look like good people.”

Li Yalin was surprised and asked, “They don’t speak, how do you know they are Japanese?”

Zhang Hengkai said, “On the way here, I overheard the screen of one of them on his mobile phone, and his phone was in Japanese.”

Li Yalin asked again, “Have you had any encounters since you arrived at the hotel?”

“Nope.” Zhang Hengkai replied, “When we arrived at the hotel, we were a*signed to help in the back kitchen at that time. But immediately afterwards a few of them were a*signed different jobs and then they left the back kitchen together.”

Li Yalin continued to ask: “Then let me ask you, who was the person who recruited you in? And who was the one who a*signed you jobs? Especially who was the one who a*signed work to those Japanese people?”

Zhang Hengkai busily said, “The person who recruited us in was Manager Chen, but I don’t know exactly what his name is Chen, that is, he a*signed us the work in the back kitchen, and he was also the one who a*signed other work to those Japanese people in the middle of the day.”

Li Yalin took out the hotel’s staff book, found the page of Chen Fu, handed it to Zhang Hengkai and opened his mouth to ask, “Is that him?”

Zhang Hengkai took a glance at the photo on the staff booklet and immediately concluded, “Yes, it’s him!”

Li Yalin nodded in satisfaction, in his opinion, the breakthrough point had been found.

He then said to Zhang Hengkai, “You’ve done a good job.”

With that, he took out his money clip from his pocket again, took out 500 US dollars in cash from it and handed it to Zhang Hengkai, saying, “Take this money for now, and if there are any problems that need consultation, I will look for you again.”

Zhang Hengkai was flattered as he took the cash and subconsciously asked, “Inspector Li …… I …… don’t have to go to the police station again, do I?”

Li Yalin knew what Zhang Hengkai was worried about and nodded, “Don’t worry, you will be allowed to leave when today’s matter is over, but before you go, leave a contact information for the police officer, either by phone or WhatsApp on the American side, WeChat or email in China.”

Zhang Hengkai was delighted and said busily, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave my WeChat …… then”

“Good.” Li Yalin nodded, and then had Zhang Hengkai taken away, and ordered, “Bring the hotel banquet hall’s manager Chen over.”

At this moment, Chen Fu was standing incomparably nervous in the middle of the crowd.

After he learned that Fei Hao Yang had been kidnapped and disappeared from the banquet hall, his whole body was scared out of its wits.

He had never dreamed that the real target of those Japanese would be his own young master.

Now that the young master had disappeared, he himself had become an accomplice.

And he did not dare to confess this to the police, or to Fei Xuebin.