Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4165

To survive, he spent his days in an internet cafe in Chinatown, where he lived and ate every day, and earned his living by helping others with their games and working part-time.

Once the income from the coaching was not enough, he would go out and find a casual job with daily pay, earn enough money to continue to dive into the cafe, and then come back to work when he ran out of money.

At this moment, he was standing in the conference room with the others, waiting for the police to question him one by one.

However, he was particularly nervous because, unlike the others, his visa had long been invalidated and he now belonged to the category of illegal immigrants, so if the police found him, he would definitely be handed over to the Immigration Department, which had only one solution for black people like him: deportation.

Apprehensive, he was tempted to ask those who had been questioned and brought back by the police whether the police checked their identity documents when questioning them.

However, all those who had been questioned had been taken to another corner, so he had no chance to ask them even if he wanted to.

At this time, a policeman came to him and spoke, “You come with me.”

This young man did not dare to disobey and hurriedly followed the policeman out of the conference room and into the next room.

As soon as he entered the next room, he saw Li Yalin, who also had a Chinese face.

When Li Yalin saw him, he smiled slightly, pointed to the single sofa in front of him and smiled, “Come, young man, have a seat.”

The young man nodded nervously and sat down anxiously opposite him.

Seeing his nervous forehead covered with beads of sweat and his fingers and calves trembling all the time, Li Yalin casually asked, “Young man, what’s your name?”

The young man said nervously, “I …… my name is Zhang Hengkai ……”

“Zhang Hengkai ……” Li Yalin laughed, “You must be an illegal immigrant, right?”

Zhang Hengkai’s face turned pale with fear as he stammered and asked, “You …… how do you …… how do you know …… ”

Li Yalin laughed: “To tell you the truth, this case I’m investigating today is very big, it’s never the work of ordinary people, you have such poor psychological quality, it’s definitely impossible for you to be their accomplice, so the only reason you’re so nervous is because you have a ghost in your heart.”

The only explanation is that you are not a regular employee here, and most of the time your work and rest is irregular, so the reason why you are here is that you are not a regular employee. The odds are that you’re just doing a short job and earning some living expenses, right?”

When Zhang Hengkai heard this, his heart became even more nervous, he didn’t dare to answer casually because he was afraid that Li Yalin was deliberately scamming himself.

When Li Yalin saw that he didn’t say anything, he smiled slightly and continued: “Having ghosts in your heart, irregular work and rest, and working short hours to earn money, all together, you must be an illegal immigrant. If you are not an illegal immigrant, they will naturally not give you a hard time, but if you are indeed an illegal immigrant, then they will definitely not hesitate to send you back to your country.”

Zhang Hengkai was scared half to death by his words and could not help but choke up, “Please …… don’t send me back to China …… If I go back like this, my father will beat me to death… …”

Li Yalin nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry, as I said earlier, I’m here to investigate a big case, to catch an illegal immigrant like you, it’s not necessary for me, a detective, to personally take action.”

He said, he threw a mobile phone in front of Zhang Hengkai and spoke, “Take a good look at the photos in here, and think about every person you have seen since you came here today, then tell me if there is anyone missing in here, if you cooperate well, then not only can I let you off the hook, I might even give you some cash privately in return. ”

As soon as Zhang Hengkai heard this, he took the phone over without a second thought, and then immediately flipped through the photos inside.

As he flipped through them, he muttered, “I haven’t seen many of the people in here ……”

Li Yalin admonished, “You don’t need to care about the ones you haven’t seen, you only need to care about the ones you’ve seen but aren’t in here.”

Zhang Hengkai hurriedly nodded, and after flipping through all the photos, he said with some confusion, “Eh …… the little Japanese guys I came with, they don’t seem to be in here!”