Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4164

The bodyguard’s words caused Qiao Feiyun to panic a little.

He subconsciously asked after him, “What kind of people are the dead ones?!”

The bodyguard shook his head and said, “That’s not clear.”

After saying that, he did not care to say more to Qiao Feiyun and hurriedly left.

Qiao Feiyun’s brain subconsciously spun rapidly as he thought to himself, “Fei Hao Yang has actually disappeared, who the hell did this? What about those Iga ninjas? Could they be the ones who died?”

To Qiao Feiyun, he had never even thought that the eight Iga ninjas he had found would be after Fei Hoang.

So, in his heart, he surmised that the odds were that Fei Hao Yang had been kidnapped by other enemies.

Qiao Feiyun had done a lot of bad things in his life, but he could swear to the world that he had nothing to do with Fei Hao Yang’s disappearance.

It was rare for him to encounter anything that he could be as blameless about as this incident.

Therefore, he was not worried at all that Fei Hao Yang’s disappearance would have anything to do with him. The only thing he was worried about was that if something really happened to Fei Hao Yang, he might lose his shelter for a while.

That way, in case the murderer who killed his brother was still after him, then he might be in big trouble.

However, on second thought, Qiao Feiyun thought that he should not worry too much for the time being.

After all, he was living in the Fei family, and the fact that he was safe these days was proof that the other party had not yet been able to investigate the Fei family, and that he was still safe for now.

Therefore, what he had to do next was to continue to spend as much time as possible at the Fei family, regardless of whether Fei Hao Yang could return safely or not.

This was not a difficult task for Qiao Feiyun, as Fei Hao Yang had placed him in the villa that the Fei family had moved out of, which was already unused, so as long as he was inside, the Fei family would probably not be able to pay attention to him.

Even if they did, it didn’t matter, he could tell them openly that he was a friend of Fei Hao Yang’s, and the Fei family would not kick him out.

When he thought of this, Qiao Feiyun’s mind was slightly calmed down a few points.


And at the same time, the Fei family’s Wangfu Hotel.

The New York police had already gathered all the banquet hall staff, all of them.

Li Yalin concluded that there must be a Japanese ninja mole among them, and the immediate task now was to find this mole out.

Instead of following the normal procedure of first approaching the person in charge, Chen Fu, to find out what was going on, Li Yalin treated Chen Fu as one of the suspects, along with the other staff members, and grouped them all together in the crowd.

In this way, he did not have to listen to anyone’s side of the story and identified the problem directly from the crowd.

What Li Yalin did was to have his police officers take a few high-resolution frontal photos of each person first. Afterwards, he had someone pick out one of these people first and bring him to the next room, so that after he had looked at all the photos of everyone, he could ask him if there was anyone among the people present who he had clearly seen today but was not present at the scene now.

If the other person said no, he was temporarily taken to a corner and guarded by a police officer, who did not allow him to communicate with anyone, thus ensuring that he could not conspire with anyone else.

The dozen or so people questioned at the beginning were all official employees of the Wangfu Hotel, and when Chen Fu had put Kazuo Hattori and the others in, he had intentionally told them not to have any contact with the old staff, so none of these old staff could tell that eight people were missing from the scene.

Soon, it was the turn of a casual worker who had just been hired to help out today.

He was originally a young Chinese student at an ordinary university in New York. His family had sent him to study abroad in the hope that he would achieve something, but unexpectedly, he had lost himself after coming to the US, and he had been immersed in spending and drinking every day, and had come back to spend all the tuition money his parents had sent him.

He was expelled from the school because he could not pay his tuition fees.

According to the US visa policy, once expelled from a school, the visa becomes invalid and in this case, the normal procedure is to leave the US before finding a solution.

However, this young man had no face to go home to face his parents, so he blacked out in New York.