Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4162

Li Yalin had always been dissatisfied with Fei Xuebin.

On the one hand, he did not like Fei Xuebin, and on the other hand, he had heard that Fei Xuebin’s father, Fei Shanhai, had taken advantage of the opportunity to seize power, and since he admired Fei Jianzhong and Fei Laozi, he had a strong dislike for Fei Shanhai and Fei Xuebin.

The main reason why Fei Xuebin could not do anything about Li Yalin was that Li Yalin was really famous and even had a very high political status in the White House.

Li Yalin is known as the light of the Chinese in the United States, and has even received an award from the current president for solving a serial murder case that lasted for ten years.

If anything happened to him, I am afraid that the Chinese in the US would stage a march to seek justice for him.

If he dared to do anything to Li Yalin, the Fei family would definitely suffer heavy losses.

At this time, Li Yalin looked at Fei Xuebin and said in a very when cold tone, “Fei Xuebin, although your son is missing now, in my opinion, your son may not be innocent of all these things today!”

As he said, he looked around at the week and said coldly, “You are a smart person, think about it yourself, a charity dinner could have been simple and straightforward, but your son had to go to such great lengths to pull off such a stunt, could he still have any good intentions?”

Fei Xuebin was speechless.

Although he was an uncaring man, he was also a wise man, and he also felt that his son’s staging of such a thing was a bit perverse.

He knew that Fei Hao Yang had never been a fan of charity, and he was not interested in showing up at the family’s usual charity events, but this time, he would donate tens of millions of dollars and take the initiative to hold a charity dinner and a charity foundation.

This, coupled with all the other strange and unconventional details, gave him a vague impression that there was a sense of deliberate intent, as if his son really had other plans.

However, Fei Xuebin could not admit this, so he said to Li Yalin in a strong tone: “Li, don’t forget that the victim in this matter is my son! He is the one who has been kidnapped! Your immediate priority for the New York Police is to find my son and bring him back safely!”

Li Yalin smiled and spoke, “We police officers have our police procedures when handling cases, we don’t need or allow other people to tell us what to do.”

After saying that, he immediately turned around and asked the men beside him, “Have the staff all been gathered?”

One of them nodded and said, “They have already been arranged to take statements in separate rooms, and they will all be gathered in the conference room immediately after the statements are taken, and then they will be allowed to cross-identify them one by one.”

“Good!” Li Yalin spoke, “Take me to the conference room!”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and spoke, “You can leave a contact for my a*sistant to go back to the hotel first, and I will have someone contact you if I need your cooperation.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded and said to Chen Duoduo, “Duoduo, leave a contact for the officer.”

Chen Duoduo hurriedly took out a business card and handed it to the officer beside Li Yalin.

At this time, Li Yalin looked at Fei Xuebin again and said coldly, “Fei Xuebin, you can go too, if there is any news, I will have someone inform you.”

Fei Xuebin was furious enough and blurted out, “This is our Fei family’s hotel, you want me to leave? Where am I going to go?”

Li Yalin said impatiently, “Go wherever you like, this is the scene of the crime, from now on it is closed for management, all unrelated people must evacuate!”

He then instructed the officer beside him, “Gather the guests outside, check the identity of everyone, if there are no suspicious people, let them go home first, but everyone is not allowed to leave New York for the next week, and they must be on call.”

The officer immediately nodded and said, “Yes Inspector, I’ll arrange it now!”

Fei Xuebin’s face turned blue with anger.