Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4151

Ye Chen said approvingly, “That’s right, I now also suspect that Qiao Feiyun has been hiding in the Fei family.”

Chen Zhao Zhong then said, “Since you plan to have these ninjas kidnap Fei Hao Yang, then you might as well have your men control these ninjas as well, have them first demand a huge ransom from the Fei family, and then let them evaporate, then the Fei family will then naturally think that it was these ninjas who kidnapped Fei Hao Yang, so they will definitely follow the ninjas’ line of investigation; ”

“If they find out the identity of these ninjas, then they will definitely go to Japan to look for the whereabouts of these ninjas, and with the people in your hands, they will only be able to find the relatives of these ninjas in Japan when they go to Japan, and then they will definitely force to ask Qiao Feiyun who hired the ninjas;”

“In this way, the Fei family will probably think that it was Qiao Feiyun who hired these ninjas to kidnap Fei Hao Yang, and that he is the real mastermind behind it, and by then, I’m afraid he won’t be able to wash his hands even after jumping into the Yellow River.”

“I believe that once the Fei family investigates this layer of Japanese ninjas, without waiting for them to find out the actual result, Qiao Feiyun will already panic, he will only have two choices at that time, either he can take the initiative to confess everything to the Fei family, or he can only grit his teeth and carry this black pot and run for his life, no matter which one he chooses, the Fei family will not let him go!”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Uncle Zhong, what do you think, if Qiao Feiyun confesses to the Fei family, how will the Fei family deal with him?”

Chen Zhao Zhong said without thinking, “If I were at the helm of the Fei family, if Qiao Feiyun came to confess this to me, the first thing I would do is to kill him, and do it on the spot to avoid a long night!”

“Because once these things get out, the Fei family’s reputation will suffer a devastating blow!”

“Even if Fei Hao Yang, the young master, is never recovered, his father can still find someone to have another one or even several more!”

“But once the family’s reputation completely collapses, the loss will not be as simple as one male child!”

“Therefore, even Fei Hao Yang’s father would never allow what Fei Hao Yang has done to implicate the whole family. A family that is so powerful, if it didn’t have the courage to break its back, it wouldn’t have been able to come this far.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen’s heart opened up and he laughed, “In this way, once the Fei family follows the ninja matter down, Qiao Feiyun will only be able to escape from the Fei family to have a chance of survival.”

“That’s right.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “Since you have already sent people to lay a net in New York, you might as well use this method and let the Fei family force Qiao Feiyun out! Or let Qiao Feiyun himself be scared out by the Fei family!”

After a pause, Chen Zhao Zhong added: “Young Master Ye, as long as you act well in this drama today, the Fei family will never suspect you even if you die!”

“Moreover, I believe that it won’t take long for you to catch Qiao Feiyun as well, and you won’t have to worry about being exposed in the slightest;”

“After all, when the Fei family finds out that the ninja was hired by Qiao Feiyun, and then when Qiao Feiyun can’t be found, they will definitely think that Qiao Feiyun is hiding in advance, and even if the Fei family can’t find Qiao Feiyun for the rest of their lives, they won’t a*sociate this matter with you!”

“Today you capture Fei Hao Yang and watch the fire, tomorrow you will wait for the hare and capture Qiao Feiyun, in the end you will be able to retreat with your whole body and have the best of both worlds.”

The more Ye Chen thought about it, the more he felt that Chen Zhao Zhong’s method was very feasible, the only thing he had to do was to finish off Hattori Kazuo and the others or hide them.

However, since he had already promised to keep them alive, then naturally Ye Chen would not go back on his word to kill them.

Therefore, as long as they were hidden in a place where no one could find them, the matter would develop in the direction Chen Zhao Zhong had analysed.

As for where to hide the few Hattori Kazuo when the time came, Ye Chen naturally had an excellent choice in mind.

Without a doubt, the best place for them to return to was Syria!