Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4125

Kazuo Hattori and eight others followed the depressed young man into the banquet building.

At that moment, there was not even a single staff member in sight inside the banquet building, let alone anyone doing maintenance.

The young man led them through the large banquet hall, then pa*sed several empty boxes with open doors, and finally stopped at the door of a box with a closed door.

With that, the young man knocked on the door and spoke, “Mr. Yun, Mr. Hattori and the others have arrived.”

Inside the box, Qiao Feiyun said aloud, “Invite them in!”

The young man immediately pushed open the door and said to Hattori Kazuo, “Mr. Hattori, please do.”

Hattori Kazuo also saw Qiao Feiyun in the room at this time.

He did not know Qiao Feiyun before today, nor had he seen any reports related to him in any media, so he was curious about this Qiao Feiyun in front of him.

However, he did not gawk at Qiao Feiyun too much, but said very respectfully, “Hello Mr. Yun, I am Hattori Kazuo, the son of this Hattori Hanzo of the Iga ninja!”

Qiao Feiyun nodded with a smile and said, “Mr. Hattori, I have heard a lot about your Iga ninja, and today I finally get to meet you!”

Hattori Kazuo bowed and said, “Mr. Yun, you flatter me!”

Qiao Feiyun smiled slightly, looked at Hattori Kazuo and said seriously, “Mr. Hattori, I am not going to be polite with you, let’s get right to the point, I invited you to New York because I want you to help me kidnap someone.”

Hattori Kazuo immediately said in a loud voice, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Yun, there is an old Chinese saying, take money from others, and we Iga ninja have always done the same.”

Saying that, Hattori Kazuo added, “However, I still need some more detailed clues from you, Mr. Yun, such as who the person I need to kidnap is and where he is, so that I can carry out further investigation and formulate a plan of action!”

“No need to go to such trouble!” Qiao Feiyun shook his head with a smile and waved his hand, “There will be a charity dinner here on the night of the 11th in three days’ time, at that time, the target person you want to kidnap will be placed in this lounge, at the entrance of the room, there should be at least four bodyguards guarding the room, as for the room, there should only be the target person and her entourage;”

“And all you have to do is to take out all the bodyguards outside silently, and then take out everyone in this room except the target, after that, you carry the bodies of the bodyguards into the room, and then take the target away from here silently;”

Speaking here, Qiao Feiyun instructed, “By the way, the target person you can make her unconscious, but you must leave her alive for me, and she must not be injured.”

Hattori Kazuo looked around the room and said, “Mr. Yun, this room doesn’t have any windows, so if we do it in here and take the person away, then we may only have one option left, the ventilation duct, can you show me the design blueprint first?”

Qiao Feiyun shook his head, “You don’t need to go through the trouble of the ventilation duct, I will give you the details of a man, that man’s name is Chen Fu, he is the supervisor here, you just find the opportunity to kidnap all his family members and force him to bring you into the banquet site.”

With that, Qiao Feiyun then told Hattori Kazuo his general plan, after making appropriate deletions.

After listening to it, although Hattori Kazuo’s heart was a little appalled, he still nodded gently and said, “I understand the general process, first kidnap Chen Fu’s family, let Chen Fu arrange for us to work as waiters at the banquet hall on the 11th, then take the opportunity to take the target away from here, and after handing them over to you at the pier, we will leave New York by boat. ”

Qiao Feiyun nodded in satisfaction, “That’s right, that’s it.”

Saying that, Qiao Feiyun added, “You guys get familiar with the place first, see how to kill and transport people out and still make sure it’s silent, if there’s anything you need, just ask!”