Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4124


Xiao Churan was surprised to hear Ye Chen’s words and asked, “Honey, Gu Qiuyi’s team is really going to invite you to New York to see feng shui?!”

Ye Chen nodded and said in a serious manner, “Of course, I’m a famous Master Ye. They originally thought I was in China and were worried that I wouldn’t be willing to come, but it just so happened that I was in the United States and not too far away, so they said a thousand things and had to invite me over.”

Although Xiao Churan was very excited, she was also a bit puzzled and asked, “Honey, do you need to look at feng shui for a concert?”

Ye Chen laughed: “The entertainment industry is most concerned about feng shui, not only do residential companies need to do a good feng shui layout, movies and TV shows have to have an opening ceremony before they start shooting, touring concerts like this, in order to ensure that the subsequent performances go smoothly, the first show must do enough work on feng shui, just like the opening ceremony, to make a good fortune.”

In fact, Ye Chen didn’t know if the singer would do feng shui before the concert, but at the moment, he could only use the reason of looking at feng shui to dispel Xiao Churan’s doubts.

Xiao Churan also did not suspect much and nodded, “In that case, then husband, you must take a good look at Miss Gu, this tour is her last tour before she permanently retires from the entertainment industry, it is very significant and must not leave any regrets.”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry wife, I will do my best to help them get the feng shui right when the time comes.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Right wife, it won’t take me too long to go to New York to see the feng shui, I’ll go there in the afternoon of the 11th and I should be back in the evening.”

Xiao Churan asked him, “Will it be too tiring to come back at night, you still have to drive for three hours, if it’s too late, why don’t you just rest in New York for the night?”

Xiao Churan naturally trusted Ye Chen 100%, so she didn’t have any wariness.

However, Ye Chen did not plan to spend the night in New York, and if he took a helicopter on the way back and forth, he could also buy himself some more time.


Two days later.

Hattori Kazuo of the Iga family, along with seven Iga ninja of considerable strength, arrived in New York.

Once they arrived in New York, they checked in at the Wangfu Hotel as Qiao Feiyun had requested.

Once they had checked in without incident, Kazuo Hattori received a phone call from his employer, Qiao Feiyun, who told him to bring his men to the hotel’s banquet building immediately.

Kazuo Hattori thought that his employer was hosting a banquet for them, but as soon as they arrived at the banquet building, they saw a notice on the entrance of the banquet building that it was closed for business.

The notice stated that the banquet hall of the Wangfu Hotel was closed due to a malfunction in the fresh air ventilation system.

It seemed logical to everyone that the hotel’s hardware was in need of repair, so no one cared.

Just as Kazuo Hattori was surprised, a young man of Asian descent came out, looked at Kazuo Hattori and asked, “Excuse me, is this Mr. Hattori from Japan?”

Kazuo Hattori hurriedly bowed and said, “Yes, it’s me!”

The other man nodded and spoke, “Please come with me.”