Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4120

Qiao Feiyun’s full set of plans had Fei Hoang’s heart pounding.

It sounded as if everything had been well planned out.

This way, after something happened, his own Wangfu Hotel would not have to take too much of the blame, after all, the incident was an inside job, and as the saying went, it was hard to prevent a family thief, and everyone would blame the root cause on Chen Fu.

Thinking of this, he asked again, “What about Chen Fu’s family?”

Qiao Feiyun bristled and said, “There’s no other way but to take them out. When the time comes, I’ll have the ninjas kidnap the people and just hand them over to my people to look after. After the incident, I’ll arrange for the ninjas to leave the US while I arrange for my men to take out all of Chen Fu’s family. After the police find the bodies of Chen Fu’s family, they will definitely think that these ninjas killed and killed them, and will naturally be more firm in believing this story that I made up.”

Fei Hao Yang didn’t realize it for a moment and subconsciously said, “A family of five, all killed? Aren’t there still four children?”

Qiao Feiyun shook his head, bent his right index finger into a hook shape and said, “To be exact, it’s a family of nine, I had my people investigate, Chen Fu’s family has many children, so he hired two live-in nannies, and his parents just finished their immigration last month, they were also brought to New York by him, that’s nine people.”

Even Fei Hao Yang, who had done nothing but evil, was a bit shocked at this point and asked offhandedly, “All nine?”

“Of course!” Qiao Feiyun said firmly, “Not a single one of them can be left behind, otherwise this lie won’t be able to go on! When they are all dead, society will naturally be in an uproar, and everyone will subconsciously hate these ninjas for kidnapping Gu Qiuyi and killing so many innocent people, and at that time, there will be even less suspicion that you had anything to do with this matter!”

Hearing this, Fei Hao Yang gritted his teeth and nodded his head, “Then let’s do as you say!”

After saying that, he remembered something and asked, “What if the investigation goes to that gang of ninjas?”

“Whatever he wants to investigate.” Qiao Feiyun sneered, “I’ll do a good job on the boat that sends them away, so they’ll be buried in the Atlantic Ocean!”

Fei Hao Yang was unsure and added, “What if they find the ninja family?”

Qiao Feiyun laughed, “You don’t have to worry about that, you just need to give me the contact information of the ninja family, I will use another identity to contact them and won’t have anything to do with you.”

The police will not be able to investigate the case for a while, and Gu Qiuyi’s dead body will not be seen, so the case will definitely be closed after a long time. ”

“Good!” Fei Hao Yang nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile, “I’ll leave this matter to you to handle, how much money you need, just ask!”

Qiao Feiyun said, “Young Master Fei, you don’t need to be so polite with me, I always look up to you! If I need your help in the future, I’d be grateful if you could give me a hand.”

Fei Hao Yang was also touched in his heart, so he nodded solemnly and said, “Feiyun, don’t worry, from now on, I don’t care what happens to you, as long as there is me, there will be you!”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this promise, he was relieved in his heart.

With Fei Hao Yang backing her up, once that mysterious person who killed her brother came to her door, she wouldn’t have to be afraid, with the strength of the Fei family, she would definitely be able to protect herself!


The country of Japan, Iga City.

This is where the Iga clan, one of the four great ninja clans, is based.

Once upon a time, the Iga ninja, was the strongest of the four great ninja clans in Japan.

Unfortunately, last year, they chose to work with Ryojin Matsumoto in a bid to help the Matsumoto clan reverse the trend by helping him to sow discord between the Ito clan, the Takahashi clan and the Su clan in Yanjing.

However, that collaboration resulted in the loss of many of the Iga clan’s core elites and the extermination of Ryojin Matsumoto by the Su family, so much so that the Iga clan was instantly left in the lurch.